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FREE Custom Rug Shopping Guide


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Don't go into the process without reading this guide first! Knowing what you want, what the manufacturer is expecting, and how to shop for custom rugs will help you save time and save money.

Whether you are shopping online, or in a store, custom rugs are an amazing way to bring the perfect rug into your home. Need a specific size, or a very strange size? Want a custom monogrammed rug? Want a custom wedding runner to take the ceremony up a notch? What ever your needs, custom rugs can help, but knowing where to look and how to shop is important!

Custom rugs are made just like any other rug. If they are hand knotted, wool yarn is knotted into the rug. The craftsmen uses the custom design that you chose to tie the knots one by one, into the rug

If you need a custom rug, read this first! Staying informed means saving money!


What you'll learn:

  • Advantages to Shopping online
  • How to shop custom rugs in-store
  • What to expect when ordering custom rugs