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140 Western Maryland Parkway, Hagerstown

2' x 3' Mermaid Blue Vintage Overdyed Rug

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Made from 100% wool, this hand-knotted 2' x 3'  Vintage Overdyed Rug is sure to last! We also use natural dyes, making each Overdyed rug a one-of-a-kind that never bleeds color! Our Overdyed rugs come in a variety of striking hues, but we love using this cool, bright blue in any room! 

  • Overdyed Vintage Rugs are antique rugs that are preserved in an intricate dyeing process. We have Vintage Overdyed Rugs that are great for your space. These rugs mainly originate from the Ottoman Empire. They undergo a gentle process of overdyeing using all natural dyes so they won't fade or bleed. Our  Vintage Overdyed Rugs are a great way to get the feel of a traditional Oriental rug with a more updated, modern look. With 100% Free Shipping and Guaranteed Free Returns (including return shipping), we know you'll be satisfied with our excellent customer service!