Oriental Rugs: What Does Abrash Mean?


What does Abrash mean in rugs? If you own or purchase a hand-knotted rug you may notice distinct color variations on the carpet. While some may initially see this as a flaw, in the world of Oriental rugs this is a highly sought after feature that shows character and authenticity.

What Causes an Abrash?  

When a rug is handspun the weaver will use multiple dye lots during the production of the carpet. A dye lot is a specific color used during the creation process. When the weaver switches from one color to a new one, the Abrash can occur. This results in varying shades of a color within the background of a rug. The difference in color will often be a lighter or darker hue of the same shade.

At Rugknots we use organic vegetable dyes to color the wool used in our designs. Since the wool for the rug is dyed naturally there will always be abrashes that occur. You will find this well-defined feature in all of our Oriental rugs.


What Does Abrash Mean in an Oriental Rugs Design?

Abrashes are a tell-all sign of authenticity in hand-made rugs. These slight color inconsistencies are an indication that your Oriental rug is the real deal. They are such a distinct sign that machine-made rugs are now trying to replicate this distressed look on their carpets after the manufacturing process.

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Luxurious HandSpun Carpets by Rugknots

Here at Rugknots, we specialize in providing authentic Oriental rugs for the modern consumer. Our wide range of hand-knotted collections provides stunning options for every home. From traditional to contemporary our carpets complement any design theme.

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Genuine Oriental Rug Options for Your Home

Ikat Rugs: Featuring neutral hues and abstract patterns Ikat rugs are an excellent option to incorporate into contemporary homes.

Bokhara Rugs: These rugs are known for their symmetrical patterns of oval and diamond-shaped motifs. This type of rug is ideal for traditional settings.

Modern Ziegler Rugs: This design features repeated motifs and a neutral color scheme. The perfect combination to fit in well with both modern and traditional design themes.

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Rugknots: An Oriental Rug Expert You Can Trust  

Abrash simply means the color inconsistencies that occur during the process of constructing oriental rugs. They are one key aspect of knowing that your rug is authentic and one-of-a-kind.  

What you will always find when you shop with Rugknots is that our hand-knotted carpets are reliable and true. These beautiful rugs can be used as a means of art to express your personal style or to enhance any room in your home. Contact us today to find the perfect fit for your space.