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What You Need to Know About Types of Oriental Rugs Today

When considering investing in one of the many different types of oriental rugs for your home, there are a few key points to consider. We want to make sure that you find the rug that best fits you and your space. From classic to modern, our rug patterns complement a number of styles. Let us help you find a unique design for your home today.

Manufacturing Processes of Oriental Rugs

The manufacturing process varies for different types of oriental rugs. The process that each rug undergoes to be manufactured depends on these three questions.

  • What type of wool is being used?
  • Is the rug machine-made or hand-knotted?
  • What is the washing process? 

1 - Machine-Made Oriental rug Design

hand-knotted rug is made on a loom sometimes by a number of artists. The wool is weaved in and out of weft to create the pattern of the rug. A weft is the threads that run from side to side on the loom when creating the hand-knotted rug. The more knots per inch the more durable and detailed the design will be.  

Oriental rugs made completely by machine lack the artistic quality of an authentic hand-knotted rug. The machine-made process known as hand-tufting can sometimes be deceptive to buyers. When a rug is hand-tufted it is partially made by machine and then completed by hand by filling in the pattern with a tool or gun. Hand-tufted rugs are not comparable to the quality of a true, authentic oriental rug because they are not hand-knotted.

2 - How long does it take for an oriental rug to be created? 

When an authentic oriental rug is created it can take anywhere from a couple of months to a couple of years to be completed. These rugs are priced based on history, beauty, material, and difficulty of craftsmanship.

Come from a Number of Oriental Rugs Come From a Number of Different Countries. All Persian rugs are considered to be oriental rugs. However, not all oriental rugs are considered Persian rugs. Persian rugs are crafted in Iran. Oriental rugs are created in Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, India, China, and Uzbekistan.

Popular Types of Oriental Rugs

Persian Rugs: Oriental rugs that have been hand-woven in Iran. These rugs are one of the most respected, and traditional types of Oriental rugs. They often feature classic motifs like husks, pomegranates, flowers, jugs, crosses, combs, and lotuses. Traditional colors like blue, red, brown, beige, and gold are usually used on when creating Persian rugs. 
Chobi Ziegler rugs: A traditional style of Oriental rug known for their muted color scheme and soft classic designs.
    Ikat rugs: The Ikat design is tribal, with abstract, tie-dye like features. Ikat rugs have a unique dyeing and overdyeing process that gives them more color variation and depth than other Oriental rugs.
      Bokhara rugs: These rugs are defined by where they were created. Bukhara, located in modern-day Uzbekistan, is a historic rug-producing town with a signature style. The Bokhara design usually features classic colors of red, navy, and brown, and incorporates oval-shaped motifs and a sparser background than other Oriental rugs.
        Overdyed rugs: To create an overdyed rug, rug artists take an existing Oriental rug and re-dye it in a bold single color. Overdying is a beautiful way to “resurrect” older Oriental rugs and give them a modern edge.

          Patchwork Rugs: The patchwork process involves hand stitching a number of existing Oriental rugs They are usually stitched with thick, vibrantly colored thread. Patchwork rugs are a great way to repurpose an older damaged rug. CLICK HERE to learn more about these types of oriental rugs.


            What Size Rug Should You Purchase for Your Home?

            Common sizes for oriental rugs: 2x3, 4x6, 8x10, 8x11, 9x12, 3x10 runners and round 8x8 or 10x10. Common sizes of oriental rugs will cost less than custom size orders. When choosing the size of your rug, consider your purpose for using the rug.

            How will the rug change the design or aesthetic of the room? 

            Oriental rugs can be used to clearly define your living space and add a gorgeous pop of color to any room.

            Check out our ultimate Oriental rug sizing guide for tips on how to find the right size rug to complement your space.

            Find the Perfect Design for Your Home Today

            If you are looking for an authentic hand-knotted Oriental rug for your home  Rugknots today. We have types of oriental rugs available for any style and size that you need. Find the right rug for your home!