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Chapter: FAQ/MISC

Description: Persian Rugs can be very expensive. The best investment rugs are antique high knot-count which were not mass produced.

Description: Polypropylene rugs have gained in popularity, but that does not mean they are the same quality as a wool rug. However, over the last decade, the industry has shifted to more polypropylene rugs which are hand-tufted or machine made, bringing down the cost.

Description: Hand knotted wool rugs that do not use recycled shaved wool are safe for babies.

Description: Wool rugs are resilient and heavy, making them a great year round rug you will never have to move.

Description: Bamboo Silk is a popular rug making material, but does not last as long as wool. The highest percentage of bamboo silk in a rug should be no more than 30% silk to 70% Wool.

Description: Knotted alongside wool in rugs, bamboo silk is used as designs to give a different texture to rugs.

Description: Generally, hand knotted rugs should be placed directly on the floor, however this is more based on preference.

Description: People wonder if pads are needed for hand-knotted wool rugs. Generally, they are not needed, as the rugs will not damage the floor, and will not be damaged by the floor.

Description: The price of wool rugs increases substantially with higher knot counts, similar to diamonds.

Description: Machine spun wool is a very popular choice, especially with wool blends in rugs like Bokharas. Hand spun wool is more desirable but also more color variation.

Description: Although named similarly, hand-knotted and hand-tufted are very different. Hand tufted rugs us a gun to shoot fibers through a backing, and are then glued into place. Hand knotted rugs are knotted by hand


Description: These samples are used for designers or customers to have a better understanding of the hand-spun wools used to make rugs.

Description: Hand tufted rugs are made using a gun that shoots tufts of fabric through a backing, and is then glued.

Description: Price is very variable in rugs, so the value is not only in the quality, but in the desirability for the buyer. Things that are important to value are design, color, knot count, and size.

Description: Sometimes, new wool rugs will have a slight smell to them. Taking the rug outside in the sun for a few hours will remove this smell.

Description: When ordering custom rugs, customers pay 50% of the total cost of the rug upfront, and the rugs cannot be returned once shipped. With custom rugs, customers can order non-standard sizes, and with custom designs.

Description: The difference between Persian and Oriental rugs are very minor. Persian rugs come from Persia (Iran) and Oriental rugs come of the Orient (China, Pakistan, India, and Turkey) The only other large difference is that Persian rugs are knotted from right to left, and Oriental rugs are knotted left to right.

Description: The normal pile thickness of rugs from Pakistan, India, or Afghanistan is between a quarter of an inch, to a half inch.

Description: Although mostly preference, round rugs are used under round tables or in the foyer. Rectangular rugs are used under rectangular tables. The amount the rug protrudes from under the table and under the chairs is up to preference.

Description: Cleaning a rug is directly connected to the feel of a rug. The less cleaning that is done, the softer the rug will be. Vacuuming is safe, but should not be done too frequently. Using proper cleaning chemicals for wool rug cleaning is ok, but some prefer using less chemicals.

Description: Although mostly preference, round rugs are to be used under round tables, and rectangular rugs under rectangular tables. It is important to use protection for the feet of the tables so the rug is not damaged.

Description: Hand spun wool is a very sought after material for high quality rugs. The process of hand spinning, however, means that when the wool is dyed, the color is picked up slightly differently across the wool due to the slight variations in thickness. This looks is very desirable, but is often confused with defects.

Description: Wedding rugs are customized rugs for weddings, and are becoming very popular.

Description: Rugs are a lot like cars. Buying a Ford or a Suzuki will not give you the same experience or features of a Mercades or a BMW. With rugs, less expensive rugs will have lower quality materials and be produced in a lower quality fashion. You can find high quality rugs for good prices if the sellers are less experienced, but generally used antique rugs hold their value.

Description: Rug softness is heavily reliant on the frequency and the degree of cleaning. Contrary to popular belief, the less washing done to a rug, the softer it will be.

Description: Every country is unique, and it is difficult to say who makes the best rugs. Because of the types of rugs coming out of each country, it is better to shop for the designs and colors you want, as hand-knotted quality is going to be high.

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