“Rugknots First Choice” for Interior Designers

Need to find a quality rug that meets a clearly defined design style?

You know the color scheme, size and style but do not want to spend hours searching?

Rugknots makes it easy for you…

Submit your design requirements, we’ll send you a range of rugs that meets them

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Do you need to be able to show your client the rug in your design?

Want them to be able to touch and feel it?

Would you like to be able to showcase elements of your design?


Rugknots delivers, literally…

We’ll send you a selected rug and allow you to return it completely free of any shipping charges should your client want something different

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Why Work with Rugknots?

As a modern interior designer, you need to be able to select great products online for your clients. The challenge—maintaining a profit when you need to factor in the cost and logistics of returning ordered rugs.

Working around the convenience of online can even end up costing you several hours: putting your feet on the street to find the right local products, feeling and inspecting product, and driving back or paying to ship back rugs that aren’t the right fit for the space.


A quick and easy program specifically made for Interior Designers. With this program, you can select and show your clients rugs that meet specific design criteria, see what it looks like in their space, and not worry about the cost of paying to return products that don’t quite work.  

Rugknots Trade Program for Interior Designers – Rugknots Delivers: The Benefits

Check out some of the benefits below that you get access to as part of joining the program:

Beyond Samples

Don’t let the selection process slow you down! Our “Ask a Designer” service allows interior designers to receive an image of a selected rug incorporated into their design space.


Beyond Visualization

Don’t let the cost of obtaining and returning rugs eat into your profits. Order and receive your selected rug AND return it should it turn out to be unsuitable for your client--all at zero cost!


“Rugknots First Choice” for Interior Designers

Get ahead of the competition and receive exclusive access to new inventory in our collections.

Stay ahead of your competition!


Dedicated Specialist Support

As an Interior Designer, you have unique needs and prefer to speak to and work with a person who understands how interior designers work and the challenges they face.

Rugknots provides an account manager with interior design experience to answer questions, help with product selection and logistical support.


Exclusive and Unique Products

As a major importer from the far east, Rugknots can provide unique products for Interior Designers that are certified and not available to anyone else or through any other channel.

Interior designers will not only get exclusive access to these products but will also get substantial discounts for purchase of products.


Commercial Project Interior Designers

Rugknots provides interior designers who work within the commercial project sector specialist support and bulk discounts.


Educational Resources

Receive exclusive access to the images of the rug being constructed, so you can share the exciting ‘behind the scenes’ of your clients’ rugs.

As well, we include exclusive, advanced training on the construction of high-end rugs to help you identify high-quality rugs when looking at ANY rug for your designs.


Your Feedback Actually Makes a Difference

Through your own Rugknots’ account managers, interior designers can provide feedback for tools and additional benefits they would like to see incorporated into the program.

Based on your feedback, we are constantly developing and testing sales tools such as product samples, color swatches and visualization applications to aid you in making good choices and selling clients on your design suggestions.


Program Options

No interior designer is the same, and so we know that one blanket program doesn’t benefit everyone equally. In order to provide you better savings and rewards, we have created two-tiers in our program: Pro and Pro Smart.

Check out below to see additional benefits based on the tier program you are in:

Marketing Assistance

  • Pro
    • Promotional and listing published information on Rugknots website
    • Promotional articles
    • Rugknots certification banner
    • Press release
  • Pro Smart
    • Two-way social media marketing
    • Rugknots promote interior designers in SMM campaigns
    • Interior designers earn points by promoting Rugknots in their Social Media Marketing campaigns
    • Paid advertising


Margin Incentives

  • Pro
    • Standard discounts on all products ranging from 10% - 40%*
      • Pricing dependent upon product. See IDTP discount pricing list
  • Pro Smart
    • Cumulative points
      • One point per $20 purchased ($2,000 equals $100)
      • Ten points per referral (other interior designers who sign up onto the RIDRF)
      • Additional points available for Social Media Marketing campaigns mentioning or promoting Rugknots
    • Redeem for approved
      • Marketing initiatives such as paid advertising, trade show costs, direct marketing




  • Pro Smart
    • Rugknots can provide exclusive “for display” stock to enable the clients of interior designers to see, touch and experience the products
    • These exclusive products can be sold, returned or even allow the clients to see what the product will look like in their home

 Use Your Creative Potential

You are creative, and we believe in helping you unlock and use that to grow your business. Sometimes, you just have the perfect colors in mind or want a custom-made rug to just complete the design in a room or home.

To help enable you to meet your creative potential, Rugknots offers a large variety of high-quality rugs in various colors and patterns so that you can find the PERFECT rug.

As well, we want you to be able to create that one-of-a-kind rug for your one-of-a-kind design. We are proud to say we are one of few rug vendors that produce high-quality, custom and monogrammed rugs.


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Taken Locations and Markets:

  • Baltimore – Residential & Commercial
  • New York – Residential
  • Las Vegas – Commercial
  • San Diego, CA
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Houston, TX

Location and Markets Still Available:

  • Dallas, TX
  • Washington DC
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Tampa, FL
  • Miami, FL
  • Orlando, FL
  • Chicago, IL
  • New Hampshire
  • Maine

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