CHAPTER: Overdyed and Patchwork Rugs

Description: Over-dyed rugs are anteque rugs which have been dyed a color to modernize or repair the rug. Patchwork rugs are sections of old rugs which are dyed and stitched together to form a full rug. They make fantastic conversation pieces.

Description: Bound with cotton thread, patchwork rugs can be either one color or multicolor. Patchwork rugs have backing over the binding, similar to the backing on hand tufted rugs, but is not over the whole back of the rug like with hand tufted rugs.

Description: Usually made from high quality rugs, over dyed rugs can usually be made from 16/16 or 18/16 quality. These antique rugs have lasted so long because of their tight knot count and quality materials.

Description: Traditional red colors of antique rugs are becoming less desirable to consumers. By over dying old rugs, it brings new life into an old rug, while also making it more marketable to younger buyers.

Description: To bleach or not to bleach. Bleaching a rug before dying will create a different result than just dying a rug. Regardless, due to wear, each over dyed rug will be different, and show lots of character.