Modern Ziegler Rugs

Traditional Persian Charm with Modern European Flair

With distinctive repeated motifs and modern neutral color schemes, Modern Ziegler rugs provide the perfect complement for both traditional décor and furniture and more contemporary and modern room layouts.

Known by their alternative name of ‘chobi rugs’, Modern Ziegler rugs are one of the most popular in the United States, and one of these beautiful pieces is guaranteed to improve the look of any interior space.

Featuring 81 knots per square inch and hand made using the very best New Zealand and Pakistani wool, our wide range of Modern Ziegler rugs come in a variety of styles, sizes and colors – and can also be custom made to your precise requirements in just 4-6 months.

The History of Modern Ziegler Rugs

Most rug types are usually named after their region of origin – and although the weaving of these pieces first became prominent in the Arak region of Persia – they are actually named after the Manchester, UK Company, Ziegler & Co – who began manufacturing replica Persian carpets from 1883.

Copying the patterns of traditional Iranian rugs but using softer color palettes to make them appeal more to Western buyers, the term ‘Modern Ziegler’ soon became a catch all for this particular style of design. These rugs then went on to be produced and gain popularity in many countries around the world.

Many Modern Ziegler rugs are now hand knotted in traditional artisan areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan – with the Farsi language lending them their aforementioned alternate name of ‘chobi’ (which means ‘wood’), and pertains to the organic dyeing process that produces the more muted colors of contemporary designs.

Great to look at in any room of the house, very durable and made using only top quality materials and artisan labor – Modern Ziegler rugs will add a touch of traditional Persian charm to any modern, contemporary home.

Modern Ziegler: Main Specs

  • Imported wool from New Zealand & Pakistan
  • Allergy-free and hypoallergenic
  • Cruelty free wool sourcing
  • Organic vegetable dyes
  • Hand knotted Persian quality
  • 81 knots per square inch
  • Hand washed to ensure an ultra soft pile
  • Custom made by our artisans in just six months

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