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Handmade Persian Rugs by

One of the key signs of quality Persian carpets is that they must be handmade. When we talk about handmade, we’re referring to hand-knotting. All authentic Persian rugs are hand-knotted. The higher a rugs knot-count the better quality the rug.

At Rugknots, our modern take on Persian rugs provide high-quality carpets as well as make a statement in any room.

The Origin of the Hand-Knotting Process 

The knots, first introduced in ancient Persia, now Iran, are considered the key to high-quality carpets. Constructed of both wool and silk, handmade Persian carpets are an exciting home décor option every home and property owner should consider when interior designing. These stylish rugs can add a gorgeous pop of color or statement piece of art to any room.

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Be Aware of Inferior Rug Making Techniques

Although hand-tufted rugs are technically crafted by hand, they are not usually considered "handmade" in the traditional sense. Tufting produces inferior rugs because they lack the hand-knotting process of real handmade carpets.

When a rug is made using this technique it is partially crafted by machine. Then the rest of the rug pattern is filled in with a tufting gun.

Quality Handmade Carpets Crafted in Pakistan

Due to trade sanctions placed on Iran, it can be very difficult to acquire an authentic Persian rug. Pak Persian rugs crafted in Pakistan, known for their floral based designs, are a more efficient and cost-effective alternative.

Rugs created in Pakistan are comparable to Persian rugs because of their superior knot-count and exquisite designs. 

A Modern Take on Traditionally Designed Rugs

Here at Rugknots, we have authentic Persian handmade rugs for the modern consumer. These rugs are refurbished and overdyed. The overdyeing process allows these rugs to be brought back to life in vibrant color schemes.

Overdyed rugs create an alluring addition to any room. They can be added as a focal point for any space.

Exceptional Rug Patterns for Every Home

Modern Area Rugs: These rugs are inspired by classic motifs from Moroccan and Persian designs. The array of bold color options suits them for contemporary home décor.

Soumak Rugs: Add traditional beauty to your home with these colorful embroidered designs. These rugs are very durable and can last for generations.  

Runner Rugs: Revamp small spaces in your home with runner rugs by Rugknots. This style of rug can add functionality to any narrow space.

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Find the Rug That Fits Your Style Today

Are you looking to add uniquely designed handmade carpets to your home? Contact our designers today to discuss creative options for decorating your space. You can transform any room with these quality Artesian crafted rugs.

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