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Selecting a Custom Design Rug


Ordering a Custom Rug: Pauline's Journey From Lucky to Perfection  

You may opt for custom design rugs because you don’t want to settle for anything less— you want your interior decor to make a bold statement after all.  But where to start? That was the question that was on Pauline Johnson’s mind as she went searching for her ideal rug, one that was custom designed for her home.  

It was quite the journey, from selecting the perfect custom design rug on Houzz, to having it be handcrafted from the ancestral region of Pakistan, to arriving in Pauline’s newly-finished basement bar. The end result? A match made in heaven. 

Pauline Johnson lives in a beautiful ranch home that opens up to the outdoors and takes advantage of a scenic view of nature. Inside, her home is large and spacious which measures 3,000 square feet for the main floor and 3,000 square feet for the basement.  


Choosing  Custom Design Rugs for a Newly Finished Basement Bar  

One year earlier, Pauline had decided to install a bar in her basement so that she could entertain her family and friends. She imagined countless memories that could be created while indulging on some exquisite drinks with her guests all the while having engaging conversations amidst boisterous laughter, so she ed a contractor and got the process started right away.  

 The installation of the bar in her basement was a lengthy and complicated process and she was relieved to see that it had turned out beautifully when the construction process was finished. Yet, despite the elegance of the now finished basement bar, it still felt empty somehow. She felt that something was missing. Then a lightbulb clicked in her head.  

The emptiness of the room was strongly felt as one was just at the entryway. She took a look at the floor and realized that it needed some color, an added vibrancy. It needed a rug to adorn the bare floor. Pauline knew that she didnt want just any rug, she wanted a custom design rug that was as unique as her basement bar. She wanted her custom design rug to make a statement, one that would leave a lasting impression.  

Choosing a custom design rug for your home can be difficult. You have to factor in how it can match the interior decor of your home. For an especially large room (3,000 square feet for example), patterns, colors, and even texture can have a dramatic impact for better or for worse. 

If Pauline chose the wrong color, pattern, and size, and Pauline could end up downgrading the aesthetic quality of her basement bar-- which she of course did not want. Instead, Pauline wanted to strike lucky when it came to finding the perfect rug— she didn’t want the rug to clash unflatteringly with the existing decor of her newly finished basement bar.   

Searching Through Houzz for  Custom Design Rugs That Would Feel Like a Match Made in Heaven

Pauline went looking eagerly through Houzz and came across Rugknots and its vast collection of exquisite rugs. She went looking through custom design rugs that were Monogrammed rugs. After visual sampling the collection, she decided to settle on a custom design rug of a grey color with a large black J set in the middle with black borders.  

Custom Design Rugs: A One-of-a-kind Rarity Full of History That is Created By Expert Weavers


As soon as Pauline purchased the rug, notice was given and an expert weaver based in Pakistan went on to making her custom design rug right away. Every single rug from Rugknots is full of rich history, ancestry, and is handmade with the attention to the utmost standard and care.

Rugknots, as a family-owned business, has a mission statement that is rooted to serving the communities and people of Pakistan. By providing the members of the Pakistan community with jobs in traditional rug knotting and weaving, they are able to help the economic vitality of the community. 

The rug weavers of this region are truly experts of their craft: creating handmade custom design rugs. Their knowledge is often passed down from generation to generation. Truly, you can’t get more authentic. The result is that the custom design rugs end up having a rich history that journeys from the place of origin to its final destination— your home.




The Final Outcome of Pauline’s Custom Design Rug: A Stunning Adornment to Her Basement Bar

Pauline was more that delighted when she had received her custom design rug. She did not care how long it took to arrive, as long as it was what she had imagined. She was pleasantly surprised by the excellent customer service that she had received. Surprisingly, she had received the rug within the same week when she had expected that it would take much longer. The moment she unrolled her custom design rug, she knew that the rug was perfect. There was no bunching, slipping, or awkward movement, the custom design rug lay down flat perfectly. It was very important that her custom design rug lay completely flat because she had experienced disappointment in the past. The previous interior designers that she had worked with had selected a rug for her upstairs floor that ended up slipping. She had to get rug pads for them in the end which she hoped she could have avoided.

The color of the custom design rug had matched barstools and the bar table of her basement bar perfectly. It even matched the walls and served as a stunning complement to her basement bar. Now, when guests walked through the entryway of the basement bar, the beautiful custom designed rug was greeting them warmly. Want to enhance the interior decor of your home with a custom design rug that is stunning and a one-of-a-kind rarity? Click here to shop!