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5 Things to know about Bokhara Rugs

Intro to Bokhara Rugs

Description: Bokharas are made in Pakistan, and feature designs called gulls. Bokhara rugs are traditionally red in color and use a combination of New Zealand and Pakistani wools.

Bokhara Materials

Description: With their New Zealand and Pakistani wool blend, Bokhara rugs are very silky to the touch compared to other rugs. However, this wool combination cannot be used for very intricate designs.

Where Bokharas are Made

Description: Some say that Bokhara equals Pakistan, because Bokhara rugs are only made in Pakistan. Other countries that make rugs that aren't Bokharas include India, China, Afghanistan, and Turkey.

Construction and Thread Count

Description: Knots per inch in hand-knotted rugs, and what that means for the types of designs for different knot counts.

Jaldar Rugs, a Variation

Description: The Pakistani rug industry came up with the Jaldar to expand consumer's options. Similar to the Bokhara, Jaldars use design elements like boxes and gulls, but Jaldars can come in any color, as opposed to the traditionally red Bokhara.

Who Buys Bokhara Rugs?

Description: Considered the best rug for the price, Bokharas are popular on the east coast, as well as the Midwest and Texas.