Founded in 1987 by Naheed Mir, has been serving the United States with high quality rugs for over 30 years. With factory direct shipping, customers pay a lower cost for higher quality. Every rug tells a story of Pakistani heritage, and positive ethos with every knot. We use 100% cruelty-free wool, organic plant based dyes and hand knotted techniques to create each work of art.


Proceeds of each purchase go towards fighting child slavery in Pakistan. Each proceed is donated to The Citizens Foundation, building schools and bringing education to those who are without. With our customers help, we've been able to build 5 schools! We even have one named The Hagerstown Campus.

The traditional rug knotting jobs we support in Pakistan are all very real to me and I wanted to ensure those families would have genuine financial stability. I wanted them to send their children to school, to educate them, and try to give them the same opportunities my father worked so hard to give me. By opening another outlet in America, we could increase sales by providing the very best rugs to our valued customers- whilst also helping those traditional workers who were making our beautifully handcrafted rugs back in Pakistan. is a family business in which I have over 30 years active experience- it has been and continues to be my lifes work. While most interior designers and business owners spend money to educate themselves about traditional Oriental rugs, I already have that knowledge at my fingertips- a free education ready to pass on to our customers.

Lastly, because this is my life, I have a genuine love for our products. I firmly believe in all the rugs we sell and stand behind them 100%. I appreciate the hard work, quality, tradition and family values- my core values- that go into each and every one. So why not share that with others?


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