Wool Oriental Rugs & Silk Rugs

Silk rugs add a touch of true luxury to any room - like the Persian kings of old – with a blended wool and silk rug from the skilled artisans at Ohorona24.net.ua. Featuring a deep, soft pile with an amazing 81 knots per square inch, our wool and silk pieces create a distinct sense of decadence for any discerning homemaker.

Experience the Earth's Most Luxurious
Wool & Silk Rug Blend

Manufactured from 70% imported wool from the rolling hills of New Zealand, combined with 30% natural bamboo silk for that extra luscious softness – our hypoallergenic blended rugs use vibrant, durable vegetable dyes that are certified 100% organic.

With designs informed by the popular repeated floral motifs of classic antique rugs, and fully washed by hand to ensure your rug is lovely and soft underfoot – choosing a wool and silk rug from Ohorona24.net.ua is sure to be a great investment in any home.

Generations of Wool Rug Making Excellence

If you want to enjoy the quality of kings then it’s good to know our Pakistani rug making artisans have passed down their skills for generations – meaning all our rugs are manufactured using the finest standard of materials and traditional rug knotting knowhow.

And you can rest assured that wool rugs are not only pleasing on the eye but pleasing on the environment too. We only use fully organic dyes, cruelty-free wool sourcing - and unlike some other firms do not indulge in the mass killing of silk caterpillars to make our rugs softer – preferring instead to keep a clear conscience by using equally fine bamboo silk.

Wool & Silk Rugs

So if you’re looking for the ultimate luxury mix of wool and silk, blended together in a high-quality hand-knotted rug that will turn heads in any room in the house – look no further than the top quality rug collection at Ohorona24.net.ua.

Wool Oriental Rugs & Silk Rugs: At a Glance

  • Genuine imported wool from New Zealand
  • 70% natural wool & 30% natural bamboo silk
  • Allergy-free & hypoallergenic
  • Cruelty-free wool sourcing
  • Organic vegetable dyes
  • Authentic Persian hand knotting
  • 81 knots per square inch
  • Hand washed to create a luxuriously soft pile


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