Discount Rugs are hard to find, especially with authentic Persian Rugs. Our Persian collection combines traditional Persian rug patterns with the skilled knotting techniques of our Pakistani rug artisans to create a modern day Pak Persian Rug. Learn more about these quality area rugs by reading our blog post Pak Persian Rugs: Unroll the Legacy in Your Home


9' x 12' Warm Beige/Caramel Cream Persian Rug


$11,123.00 $5,562.00 | sku: AP16-1-12-252

10' x 13' Caramel/Peanut Persian Rug


$7,106.00 $3,553.00 | sku: PPR-A8220

8' x 10' Walnut/Sage Persian Rug


$8,235.00 $4,118.00 | sku: AP16-1-12-243

8' x 10' Crimson/Vanilla/Tan Persian Rug


$8,000.00 $4,000.00 | sku: AP16-1-12-239

10' x 11' Merlot/Mahogany Persian Rug


$6,401.00 $3,201.00 | sku: PPR-A8209

10' x 12' Wine Red/Navy Persian Rug


$7,057.00 $3,528.00 | sku: PPR-A8212

9' x 12' Tan/Soft Olive Persian Rug


$11,577.00 $5,789.00 | sku: AP16-1-12-253

9' x 12' Caramel/Artichoke Green Persian Rug


$11,025.00 $5,513.00 | sku: AP16-1-12-250

10' x 14' Scarlet/Caramel Persian Rug


$8,155.00 $4,078.00 | sku: PPR-A8210

Sold Out
8' x 10' Cherry Red/Black Persian Rug


$7,572.00 $3,870.00 | sku: AP16-1-12-234

6' x 9' Sage/Red/Tan Persian Rug


$3,589.00 $1,794.00 | sku: PPR-A4705

8' x 10' Midnight Black/Gold Persian Rug


$4,997.00 $2,499.00 | sku: PPR-A4703


What is a Persian Style Rug?

Persian carpets, or Persian Rugs, are ancient master pieces. In fact, Persian rug making dates back to 400 BC when the , the oldest known rug in the world, was made using similar weaving techniques and patterns that are still in place today! The Persian Style is known for elaborate motifs of nomadic tribes and rich red background colors.

Where do Persian rugs come from?

Persian Rugs are made in Iran, which is also known as modern day Persia. At Ohorona24.net.ua, we supply Pak Persian Rugs, which are higher quality Persian Rugs that combine the expert weaving skills of our artisans in Pakistan with the patterns and designs used by Persian Rug makers.

Watch the video below by Ohorona24.net.ua founder, Naheed Mir, for more information about our Pak Perisan Rugs.

What are Persian rugs made of?

Our Pak Persian Rugs are hand made from 100% New Zealand Wool and all-natural vegetable dyes. Our wool is imported from New Zealand because the country is known to have the greatest ethical standards and cruelty-free sheep herding in the world. We believe that the best wool comes sheared from happy, healthy sheep who are free to roam in open areas. We also gaurentee that our Pak Persian Rugs have been made with hand spun wool to ensure the best quality rugs.

How long does it take to make a Persian rug?

At Ohorona24.net.ua, our authentic 100% New Zealand Wool Pak Perisan Rugs take about 3 years to make. This is extremely uncommon and causes other retailers to impose outrageous prices for their Persian Rugs. We do not have a large selection of Pak Persian Rugs for this reason, but we do sell our Persian Rugs at discount rug prices that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Ohorona24.net.ua is also a proud sponser to the for helping educate carpet knotting famalies. We believe that only the best artisans should be trusted with the patience and skill that take 3 years to make one Persian rug.

What is the best way to clean a Persian Rug?

Persian rugs should be cleaned sparingly to maintain the silky texture that is so special to Persian Rugs. It is very important to properly clean a Persian rug in order for the rug to keep it's value for decades to come. A few tips to remember is to always vacumm your rug in the same direction the wool fibers are angled, only vacumm your rug once or twice a month, and always dab when spot cleaning veruss rubbing back and forth! For more details on how to clean a Persian Rug, read our blog post: 7 Best Kept Secrets On How to Clean Wool Rugs & Shag Rugs.

The Ohorona24.net.ua Rug Sizing Guide

Pretty Little Thing: 6' x 9' Living Room Area Rug

A 6x9 living room rug is a great choice for smaller living rooms. We highly recommend 6x9 rugs to style small apartment living rooms. In order to make the room seem bigger, keep all furniture legs off of the rug.

Above Average: 8x10 Living Room Area Rugs

It's no doubt that 8x10 area rugs are very popular, and for good reasons too. Offering functionality and style, 8x10 area rugs great for average sized living rooms. We suggest placing funiture half on and half off. This can be a great option for including attractive flooring in the design.

Oversized Area Rugs: 10x12 Living Room Rugs

Having all furiniture on an area rug can has many benefits. An oversized rug will make your room size look much bigger and spacious. We suggest a 10x12 area rug for living spaces with muliple furniture pieces.

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