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Boho Chic Rugs


Boho Chic Rugs

The Boho Chic Rugs Collection contains affordable rugs made with a polypropylene pile. These rugs are easy to clean and maintain, making them the perfect rugs for families with pets and busy schedules. Not only are these area rugs functional, but they're also extremely stylish. The bohemian design incorporates bright colors, natural plant elements, and patterns in any sort of fashion you like. That’s the best part about bohemian design- there are no rules! Live your best life with this carefree style.
This affordable Boho Chic Rugs collection contains rugs that are: 100% Polypropylene Pile, Turkish Machine Made, 0.25 Pile Height, Variety of, Bold Colors, 2x8 Runner Rugs, 9x12 Large Boho Rugs.

    Bohemian Rugs by Room

    The Best Boho Living Room Decor: You may have all the design elements that a boho living room needs- tons of lively indoor green plants (hanging, sitting, and even on the wall), an amazing geometric hanging light, a few crocheted dream catchers, patterned pillows…

    But if you don’t have a boho-chic rug, your bohemian living room will never be complete! In fact, we believe that bohemian rugs might even be the best aspect of a boho style room because it creates an inviting floor space for people to gather and be themselves!

    Modern Boho Rugs for the Bedroom: The best way to have fun, yet peaceful, the bedroom is to create a boho style room. Creating a place that is comfortable and stylish can sound difficult but it’s a lot easier than you may think- and affordable! By adding a small 2x3 boho rug, or even a 4x6 boho rug, you can upgrade your bedroom instantly! You’ll be amazed by how these accent rugs can add that extra little bit of comfort you were looking for in your bohemian bedroom...

    The Power of Colorful Rugs: Have you ever noticed how adding a pop of color to your outfit can completely change your whole look- or better yet, put an extra pep in your step? Well, interior design works the same way! Simply throw in a few colorful rugs to your living space and you’ll have a fresh new look! We recommend you to go bold- add a cheery red bohemian rug to your space and see how it impacts your bohemian design!


    Do you sell large boho rugs?

    Yes, we are proud to mention that we sell different types and sizes of Boho (Bohemian) rugs. Some of the sizes are mentioned below.

    • 9x12
    • 10x14
    • 12x15

    These are the sizes that are categorized under “large Boho rugs”. When it comes to utilization or placement, it is very easy to fixate where they can be used. However, you should explore it on your own too as sometimes with exploration we tend to get to know more about the utilization. Nevertheless, these sizes are normally and generally used in the following areas:

    • Bigger living rooms
    • Large bathrooms
    • Excellent large kitchens
    • Huge bedrooms

    In short, each and every spot that can adjust a large Boho rug can utilize these rugs.

    What does an eclectic style mean?

    This is one of the greatest questions. Reason being, not many know the meaning of the term “electric style”. Well, the term “Electric” denotes an adjective which is typically used in the interior designing parlance. It means that the decoration is based on heterogeneous factors and elements. That included the following:

    • Textures and their Mixtures
    • Time Periods
    • Trends
    • Styles
    • Colors and Hues

    In addition to it, “Electric” also means a blend of the following styles:

    • Southwestern Colors
    • Modern Art
    • Victorian Furniture
    • Abstract Rugs

    Note: A room full of different types and blends is mostly perceived as chaotic which is just a myth and has no reality based on it. Plus, it is all about the artistic mind and forgery of literally nothing.

    What are some bohemian decorating ideas for the living room?

    Bohemian rugs can be used in various ways. However, what is the best and most trendy ones are mentioned in this answer. First and foremost, it is about an area where you and the kids can play with Lego, have tea and snacks, and pets and friends can enjoy their times too.

    Moreover, Boho rugs in living rooms increase the value when and if they are placed under or around center tables, side tables, or even dining tables. Here, you may think that what dining table would do in a living room. Well, at times when there are only a few rooms in the house or flat, then one room is taken as several rooms. In that regard, we have to have a dining table in the living room. And in that situation, you can spread Boho rug under the dining table too.

    Do you have any bohemian bedroom ideas?

    Yes, there are plenty of ideas as to how one can use Bohemian bedroom rugs. A transition and graduation from serious to a happening room are possible by the placement of 2x3 Bohemian rugs. In the same way, if the room is slightly bigger, then 4x6 Bohemian rug does justice too.

    First and foremost, determination of sizes is largely dependent upon two factors: how big, medium or small a room is, and which colors would complement the empty space. It is amazing to see rugs in the center of the room when it is relatively bigger.

    Round Bohemian rugs are considered chic and trendy. However, the abstract foundation of Bohemian rugs in the house adds on value too. when it comes to a geometrical fixture for lightening purposes on the wall, adds a lot of value with massive serenity in the empty space. Moreover, if your room is a bit dark then you can glass frame small-sized Bohemian rugs with LED lights. That too looks pretty as well as trendy.