Neutral Area Rugs

Looking for colors that go with gray walls? You've come to the right place! Our Neutral Area Rugs collection features ivory, beige, and white rugs, which are all colors that compliment grey. This collection combines 100% wool area rugs and polyproplene rugs.


Ivory/White/Teal Blue Boho Chic Rug — Multiple Sizes


$69.00 $59.00 | sku: JULIEJU-01IVY2030

Charcoal Grey/Ivory/White Boho Chic Rug — Multiple Sizes


$69.00 $59.00 | sku: JULIEJU-01COP2030

Neutral Israel General Life Style Rug


$69.00 $59.00 | sku: LIMA0LI-05NEU2030

Grey/Black/Charcoal Boho Chic — Multiple Sizes


$69.00 $59.00 | sku: JULIEJU-05GRY2030

Ivory Indian Modern Abstract Rug


$189.00 $155.00 | sku: FRESCFRE-4IVY2030

Ivory Indian Modern Rug


from $129.00 | sku: METROMT-21IVY2339

Ivory Indian Rug


$69.00 $59.00 | sku: ILLUSIL-02IVY2030

Ivory Israel General Life Style Rug


$69.00 $59.00 | sku: LIMA0LI-02IVY2030

Ivory Israel Rug


$69.00 $59.00 | sku: LIMA0LI-06IVY2030

Sky Blue/Ivory/Beige Boho Chic Rug — Multiple Sizes


from $59.00 | sku: KERMAKE-02IVY2030

Grey/Beige Area Rug — Multiple Sizes


$69.00 $59.00 | sku: JULIEJU-06BGE2030

Beige Indian Classic Traditional Rug


$289.00 $239.00 | sku: SHALISL-02BGE2030


What are neutral colors?

Neutral colors are muted and distressed tones, such as white, off-white, beige, ivory, and sepia. These are all colors that go with grey and are colors that compliment grey. By decorating with neutral colors, you can have more freedom to add various accent colors.

I’m wondering how to clean a white rug?

Our best solution to spot cleaning all rugs - wool and synthetic - is to use a mixture of: 8 parts of water, 1 part of white vinegar, and a small squirt of mild, CLEAR dish washing detergent. For any liquid, dark stain like a red wine stain, immediately pour salt over the affected area to soak up the liquid. We recommend against using dry powders and steam cleaners on all rugs! If you're wondering how to deep clean a rug, DON'T! Take your rug to a professional cleaner near you to ensure that you don't accidentally damage your rug! For more cleaning tips, check out our blog Professional Rug Care Advice & Cleaning Techniques.

What color rug goes with a brown couch?

There's a lot of different decor and furniture that pairs with a brown couch, but choosing a matching rug should be your first step in figuring out how to decorate a living room or sitting room. If you have a dark brown couch, we normally suggest a light area rug that has colors of white, ivory, or beige because they are accent colors to brown. If you have a tan or light brown couch, we recommend a dark area rug that has colors of navy, red, or black, depending on your color scheme. For a more mid-century modern design, go for a navy rug like this one. If you're into more traditional styles, go for a red rug like this one. Still unsure about how to choose a living room rug? Send us a picture of your living room and your furniture to [email protected] We would be happy to choose a few personalized rugs for you!  

How big should an area rug be in a living room?

The size of your living room and the amount of furniture you have plays a role in deciding what size living room rug is best for you. If you're shopping for a smaller apartment living room rugs, we suggest either a 5x7 area rug or a 6x9 area rug. Placing all furniture off of your living room rug will actually make your living room appear larger. For average sized living room (around 250-300 square feet), we recommend a 8x10 area rug. If you have a larger than average living room, we highly suggest that you buy an oversized area rug. 9x12 area rugs and even 10x12 area rugs are perfect for large living rooms because these oversized area rugs will make your living room feel more comfy and cozy!

The Ohorona24.net.ua Rug Sizing Guide

Pretty Little Thing: 6' x 9' Living Room Area Rug

A 6x9 living room rug is a great choice for smaller living rooms. We highly recommend 6x9 rugs to style small apartment living rooms. In order to make the room seem bigger, keep all furniture legs off of the rug.

Above Average: 8x10 Living Room Area Rugs

It's no doubt that 8x10 area rugs are very popular, and for good reasons too. Offering functionality and style, 8x10 area rugs great for average sized living rooms. We suggest placing funiture half on and half off. This can be a great option for including attractive flooring in the design.

Oversized Area Rugs: 10x12 Living Room Rugs

Having all furiniture on an area rug can has many benefits. An oversized rug will make your room size look much bigger and spacious. We suggest a 10x12 area rug for living spaces with muliple furniture pieces.

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