Nautical theme living rooms, beach theme decor, rug anchors - we love it all! Our Coastal Rug Collection features seashell rugs, coral rugs, coastal runner rugs, turquoise area rugs, and so much more! Keep the feeling of salt in the air and sand between your toes all year long!

White/Navy Striped Area Rug — Multiple Sizes


$49.00 $35.00 | sku: BAJA0BAJ-1NVY1837

Light Blue/Sugar Cookie Coastal Rug


from $99.00 | sku: COASTCC-04LBL2030

Light Blue/Beige Coastal Rug


from $99.00 | sku: COASTCC-03LBL2030

Ivory/Navy Blue Anchor Area Rug — Multiple Sizes


$49.00 $35.00 | sku: BAJA0BAJ16IVY1837

Deep Sea Coastal Kids Rug - Multiple Sizes


from $99.00 | sku: COASTCC-01BLU2030

Sold Out
Blue Ikat Rug


$7,020.00 $3,510.00 | sku: AIK-7-6-15-1194

Sold Out
Blue and White Ikat Rug


$3,607.00 $1,804.00 | sku: AIK-12-7-1758

Sold Out
Blue and Ivory Ikat Rug


$5,112.00 $2,556.00 | sku: AIK-7-6-15-1238

9x12 Sandy White/Driftwood Motif Peshawar Ziegler Rug


$5,397.00 $2,699.00 | sku: AP9-4-12-506

9x12 Light Latte Peshawar Ziegler Rug


$6,912.00 $3,456.00 | sku: PZR-A3347

9'8 x 13'5 Pear Green/Sage Square Pattern Peshawar Ziegler Rug


$7,137.00 $3,569.00 | sku: PZR6A1168

9'11 x 14'3 Charcoal Blue/Taupe Diamond Motif Peshawar Ziegler Rug


$7,775.00 $3,887.00 | sku: PZR6A1151


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The Ohorona24.net.ua Rug Sizing Guide

Pretty Little Thing: 6' x 9' Living Room Area Rug

A 6x9 living room rug is a great choice for smaller living rooms. We highly recommend 6x9 rugs to style small apartment living rooms. In order to make the room seem bigger, keep all furniture legs off of the rug.

Above Average: 8x10 Living Room Area Rugs

It's no doubt that 8x10 area rugs are very popular, and for good reasons too. Offering functionality and style, 8x10 area rugs great for average sized living rooms. We suggest placing funiture half on and half off. This can be a great option for including attractive flooring in the design.

Oversized Area Rugs: 10x12 Living Room Rugs

Having all furiniture on an area rug can has many benefits. An oversized rug will make your room size look much bigger and spacious. We suggest a 10x12 area rug for living spaces with muliple furniture pieces.