9 x 11 Rugs

If you’re looking for a rug that gives your living room a focal point while drawing your furniture together, a hand-knotted 9 x 11 area rug is an excellent choice. Large, but not too large, it’s the perfect size to create a sociable area in your living room.

Our 9 x 11 Area Rugs Are Of Exceptional Quality

When you’re choosing an area rug for your living room, you need to decide how your furniture works with it. Do your couches, chairs, and coffee tables go on the rug, half on it, or do you place your furniture around it? A 9 x 11 size allows your living room furniture to sit neatly on the rug, instantly delineating a cozy and sociable area. It’s a great rug to create this “island” effect within a larger room. In a smaller space, it’s a good choice if you want to cover most of the room with a soft, welcoming floor cover.

A Guide To Choosing The Right 9 x 11 Area Rug

Of course, there’s a lot more to buying a rug than getting the size right. You need to think about the colors, and if you want a traditional or a modern pattern. One decision is simple: you want to choose a high-quality, hand-knotted rug.

You’ve decided that a 9 x 11 rug is the best size for your space. Why should you choose a hand-knotted rug over a synthetic one? The answer lies in the care taken in its weaving, which results in a rug as durable as it is individual.

9 x 11 Rugs: Every Knot Is Tied By Hand

Each knot in the rug has been tied by hand, a process which can take weeks or even months. The rugs are woven on traditional wooden looms, which have horizontal bars attached between two vertical poles. The woolen threads are stretched across vertically (the warp) and this forms a tight base which gives the rug its strength and shape. Threads are then tied and cut horizontally across the warp (called the weft), and gradually a pattern emerges. A talented weaver can tie around 10,000 knots in a single day.

When the knotting is completed, the rug is taken off the loom and very carefully washed. This not only removes any dirt, but also gives the rug a lovely, soft finish, and brings out the vibrant colors of the wool. Any uneven pile is gently trimmed, and you’re left with a beautiful, unique piece of art.

, Unlike many other artworks, this is a tough and practical masterpiece. The care and attention given to the oriental rug, combined with the number of knots that can be tied per square inch, produces a rug which is far tougher than its machine-made counterparts.

Hand-knotted 9 x 11 Rugs

There are real advantages to buying a hand-knotted area rug. Its durability means it won’t wear out quickly: in fact, many people hand their oriental rugs down to their children! This is a good investment, as choosing synthetic rugs can result in frequent replacements, which is ultimately the false economy. Plus, it’s also a nuisance to change your rug, especially if it’s become an integral part of your décor, or has large pieces of furniture such as a king size bed on it! A well-made rug will last you for years.

Key Specifications Of Our 9 x 11 Rugs

  • Hand knotted in the traditional manner by artisan weavers
  • Dyed with natural vegetable dyes
  • A high knot count per square inch
  • Made from the finest wool sourced from New Zealand
  • The wool comes from high welfare farms
  • Hypoallergenic and allergy free
  • Hand washed with care for a soft finish
  • 9 x 11 is a versatile size