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Zan, son of rugknots owner, is helping Pakistan children in a school built with area rug sales at

Saving A Child's Future With One Rug At a Time

Thanks to our wonderful customers, was able to provide a foundation for the future of children in Pakistan and possibly for the world. 

Zan Mir, son of founding owner Naheed Mir, works with The Citizens Foundation or TCF, and personally shared his experience as a volunteer in Pakistan through a heartfelt letter...


It's people like Zan that ignites the spark in children, no matter their background or situation, to push and achieve a dream they create at such a young age. Children need hope and someone to look up to when it seems to them they might not become anything at a place in time where conflict and violence could shatter so many aspirations. Zan and the TCF are making dreams of children happen--thanks to our customers, the proceeds from buying your genuine, high-quality rug is saving the children of our future by supplying an education, as this is their key to success.

Naheed believes solely in giving back to a community, especially a community that raised her to succeed, but also when times of struggle hit too close to home where her relatives still live. She gets the "giving back" gene from her father who had much success in the past with his own rug business when she and her siblings were young, which ultimately led Naheed to establish a trusting company of a rug tradition so heavily tied into the roots of Pakistan.

"The rug business of my father provided jobs to thousands of local people in our city, and he was always looking to give back to his community through charitable donations and projects". --Naheed Mir, CEO


Naheed and her family come from Lahore, Pakistan. Most of her relatives still lives back home in Lahore, but they are often happily visited by Naheed's family. does not sell just any ordinary rug you could get at a retail store--rugs here at come from the hard working friends in Pakistan made 100% by hand of only the highest quality materials, but the most important ingredient going into your rug is the tender touch of skilled hands by people whom believe in the very traditional and meaningful ancient craft of area rugs only found in Pakistan. These hard working, loving people are the very reasons why Naheed is giving back to her community, not only for saying thank you to the ones who spend a few years making just one genuine rug, but because of her friends and family providing customers like you with a rug of the best quality found nowhere else in the world. 

Through purchases at, our customers provided special gifts made of stone and brick in Lahore, Pakistan.

You, our very buyer, provided school houses recently built, and education for children who would not have even had a chance without your purchase of a beautiful handmade rug.

The children you're saving were once the faces of Naheed, her son, and her other family members who had a chance to succeed--now these children can follow the same fulfilling path and maybe one day change the world all because you purchased a guaranteed 100% handmade rug crafted by friends and family for generations.