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Rolling Out' Carpets for Emmy Nominees

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Did you tune into the last night? Are you a fan of celebrity entertainment/TV shows? This may be the blog for you.
We put together a list of our rugs to celebrate some of this year’s Emmy nominees, and picked rugs we feel would fit with the cast of each show. Check out our choices below! Presents... The Roll of Star Carpet in Each TV Show:

This Geometric rug would be perfect for our city goers in the Saturday Night Live ensemble, wouldn’t you say? As the design is similar to what you would see if you were looking down upon New York City’s skyscrapers.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt features many assertive characters. Only the brightest of rug patterns does this stand-out comedy justice.
One of our best vintage rugs would suit best for the cast of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.
Atlanta’s finest cast deserves the best for their humble abode, however, we had a hard time picking just one. So our top choices from our selection are the Olive Green/Ivory/Tan Overdyed Rug and the Multicolored Ornate Leaf Pattern Peshawar Ziegler Rug. Which would you pick, or perhaps there’s a better option? Let us know in the comments below!
Okay, would the cast of Game of Thrones really care about rugs? But this one is perfect. Dragon!
Perhaps a bit playful for American Horror Story: Cult, but we found two rugs that reminded us of one of the show’s themes: clowns. This one for its colorful design, and then this one for the balloons. Which would you go with? 
Similar to the deep blue ocean, the cast of The Sinner has some secrets buried down deep, that we may or may not want to know about.
Whether in The Good Place or The Bad Place, either space may need this rug, especially if The Bad Place is looking to fool those visiting. Only the purest of colors.
We think this would be the perfect rug for black-ish: some playful colors for comedy, but also to help match the family’s .
The cast of Barry would love our one berry-colored rug.
The cast of Shameless needs some sort of Patriotic symbolism, as the American flag and its colors are used in a lot of their . We think that this shag rug would work for them. Need we explain why that choice?
C’mon, it’s Versace. Need we say more? The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story’s cast only deserves the best from our collection.
The cast of Westworld sure love oddity… perhaps this rug would make it into their collection?
GLOW: the women of this show are stars of wrestling! So what better than working with a star-like geometric pattern?
This Is Us is all-for family… we think this rug would make a lovely edition, to be passed down generation to generation.
*Waits to be called predictable for choosing this rug for The Handmaid’s Tale cast.*
Only the finest piece can be given to The Crown’s royalty. However, this was also a difficult choice: option one or option two? We would love to ask them ourselves.
Our one braided jute rug would be perfect for a star in the Baskets cast, no? Braided and colored just like a picnic basket.
Stranger Things… while it would be easy to give them a strange rug option, one that reminds us of “The Upside Down,” we’ve decided to go more obscure and focus on the time period of this show. Where classic arcade games were all the rage! Plus, c’mon, it’s a cast full of kids.
Similar to Shameless, it would also be a shame if we missed on the patriotic branding of The Americans… but we also gotta keep it classy for the spy aspect, right? So this is a perfect rug for both elements, with red and an elegant design that the cast would love.
Let us know what you think of our picks in the comments below!


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