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Oriental Rugs - Recommended cleaning in Washington D.C. area

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For 56 years, — a family owned business—has hand-cleaned and repaired oriental rugs. Although their method may seem old-fashioned, the hand-cleaning process, while labor intensive, is by far the most effective and least corrosive to your oriental rugs. The company knows that your rugs become a part of the family as they are passed down from generation to generation and in order for them to last for generations to come, they must be handled properly by professionals. Individualized attention allows them to offer levels of service consistent with the needs of the rug and their customers. Every area rug is unique.

Their mission is to see to it that your treasures are cleaned and maintained to ensure they provide warmth, beauty and longevity - as they gain value over time.

4918 Wisconsin Ave, Washington, DC 20016

b/t N Ellicott St & N 42nd St

Friendship Heights

(202) 678-1111

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