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Ever wonder what Game of Thrones characters would look like as oriental rugs? Now you don't have to!

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From the desk of Naheed Mir,' Founder

The traditional Pakistani rug industry can seem distant and enigmatic if you’re an American family or designer buying a new handmade rug – but our family history is really much like yours. Hard work, education, and enterprise are just as important in Pakistani culture as here in the States.

I live and breathe the rug trade, it’s part of my family heritage – so I’d like to share some of that history with you here, to provide some context behind our business. It will not only help you understand what we do and how we do it – but also appreciate why our whole team is so passionate about rugs.

As an experienced rug entrepreneur, the one thing I really pride myself on is my exceptional knowledge of Persian and Oriental rugs. This isn’t said to brag - but I say this because rugs are so much a part of who I am - having been born and raised in Pakistan at the heart of the Oriental rug industry. Moving to America in my college years was a tremendous and privileged opportunity for a young woman from Pakistan, and I took advantage of it wholeheartedly. When I was growing up my father always encouraged personal growth through education - regardless of gender. So learning and developing new skills was second nature to me and my siblings.

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My father also owned a rug company when we were young, so to say I’m educated about rugs would be quite an understatement. As a girl I don’t know if I ever actively “wanted to be in the rug industry when I grew up”, but it was a very traditional and meaningful part of our life in Pakistan – and was always at the center of my young life. The business provided jobs to thousands of local people in our city, and my father was always looking to give back to the community through charitable donations and projects.

Giving Back is Part of Our Tradition

As I grew older I realized that giving back to the community and the people of Pakistan wasn’t just something my father was merely interested in, it was something that held our community together. Learning from his example helped me discover what “giving back” really meant, and as I witnessed firsthand the real impact his important work was having in the local region - I decided that I too wanted to make a difference.

So I asked my father and other family members involved in our business if I could be a part of it. I told them I had a vision and could make that vision a reality in the United States by nurturing a new market overseas.

My dream was to open a high-quality rug outlet in America – with rugs being shipped to a direct warehouse and sold at a fraction of the price that larger, established companies were selling them for.

A Dream Come True in America (Just Outside Washington, DC)

So in turning into a thriving US-based business - my dream has literally come true – and it’s a labor of love I’m extremely proud of. Like so many people before me, the United States has opened its arms in welcome to my enterprising family, and we’ve worked hard to not only make these works of art available to discerning US clients – but to also give back to our local community here in the States as well.

You’ll find us just outside Washington, DC & Baltimore, MD. It’s an easy one-hour trip for our local customers in the city, and because we’re in Hagerstown, MD, I get to meet and work with all the wonderful people who live near to our warehouse. It’s not uncommon for someone to give us a call and then pop in to make a purchase - just to check out our rug selection and get that ‘hands-on’ experience to feel the quality.

Working with our generous local customers we also recently had the opportunity to build a school in Pakistan – funded with some of the proceeds invested in our rugs. Our customers actually built a school in Pakistan! How wonderful and powerful is that

Why Choose What makes us special and why shop with us?

I hope you’re starting to see what exactly makes so special. In short, our Pakistani heritage makes us special, as does our enterprising family history – but most of all it’s our customers that make the real difference – because without you, we wouldn’t have a business at all. Thank you for believing in us.

As our founder, being raised at the heart of the rug industry surrounded by the products we sell - is also what sets us apart. This love of the rug trade and the artisans that work within it are why we’ll never stop acknowledging our heritage, continuing our traditions and being an ethical company in the community. Indeed, these core ethics are as important to us today as when we first started – and we’ll continue these traditions into the future through our excellent customer service and products. Our positive ethos will be hand-knotted into every rug we sell.

I’m proud to have served our wonderful US customers with top standard handmade rugs for over 30 years – and we’ve stayed in business for three decades for a reason. Genuine New Zealand wool, organic dyes, hand-knotted craftsmanship, and highly educated sales representatives – at we continually strive for authenticity, quality, and service. And with competitive prices that lead the industry, free shipping to anywhere in the USA and our 30-day money back guarantee – isn’t it time you discovered what makes so special yourself?

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