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Modern Rugs VS Traditional Rugs: Which is Best?

Modern Rugs VS Traditional Rugs: Which is Best?

Traditional rugs or modern rugs, which one do you choose?

It’s no mistake that wool rugs bearing ancient designs are often lumped together under the umbrella term “traditional." Wool rugs not only offer style, but they also add warmth to your living space!

Their symbols Motifs and geometry have been transmitted not through books or formal education But from the hands Hearts And minds of one weaver to another despite the habit of collectors and academics alike to codify oriental rug rugs patterns the art of rug weaving remains a living tradition.

One that is constantly evolving as it courses through the lives of those who practice it.


Modern Rugs

Below we’ll address these questions and ask a few more as we dive into the relationship between the traditional and the modern rugs.

Modern area rugs available in a wide variety of designs, colors and shapes. Choose from a huge selection of all modern rugs to find the right rug for your home.

Traditional Rugs Can Enhance Modern Interiors

Modern aesthetic can often seem a bit divorced from the reality of lived human experience. Its emphasis on stark geometry muted colors and stripped-down minimalism is a reflection of the industrial mind; Machines have no need for ornament, function is their only concern

This modern tendency to reduce everything to a point of pure geometrical abstraction has its own undeniable beauty, hence the appeal of introducing traditional elements into modern design.

When paired with a modern interior, A traditional wool rug can provide a foundation that roots the modern aesthetic in history and nature alike

Traditional area rugs are natural not only in their design motifs, which often recall the geological and biological environments of those who weave them, but also in the very materials used in their creation

Sheep’s wool fibers are dyed with colors sourced directly from the earth.

Rug Knots exclusively uses all natural vegetable dyes to ensure that your new piece not only looks good in your home, but looks good in Mother Natures home

In this way, traditional oriental rugs not only reflect nature in pattern and design but embody it quite literally in construction.

Modern Rugs Comparison with Traditional Rugs

By introducing a traditional oriental rug into a modern space, we can infuse an otherwise cold and calculated interior design with a sense of history and a touch of the natural

At Some Point Modern Will Stop Being Modern

In the 50s, pink ceramic was "modern"

In the 70s, Wood paneling was considered "modern"

In the 90s, whatever this is was considered "modern"

As you can see, over time modern accent rugs for living room goes out of style. What always stays in style is classic designs rooted in history:


You can see in the images above that oriental rugs have been in style for centuries and will never go out






And Czars alike have indulged in the art of hand knotted rugs

Now, If you don't want to go for the "traditional rugs for living room" look, learn how to place an oriental rug in a modern space.

Tips for Pairing Traditional Oriental Rugs with Modern Interiors

A traditional oriental rug can serve as a fountain of inspiration for the modern interior design that surrounds it.

Try expanding outwards from your traditional rug’s earthy palette; The hues found in a rug’s design are often inspired by Mother Nature herself. The tones can thrive when echoed by more modern art furniture and accents of similar color

Or, if you’re working with a muted space, A deep over dyed rug can add not only a subtle contrast in tone, but also a touch of pattern upon the minimal surroundings

If you still want to keep with your monochromatic scheme, an over dyed oriental rugs adds the perfect amount of texture and intrigue

As always, trust your instincts. Take the time to let the rug’s unique character sink in and work outwards from there.

Traditional oriental rugs are handcrafted works of art each with their own idiosyncrasies that make them unique and traditional rugs are also available in different colors and size like red and blue traditional rugs, traditional area rugs 8x10 etc.

Modern Rugs Offer A Contemporary Take on Traditional Materials

Some modern rugs do have their merit if you are looking to be trendy and replace your rug every two years, then a modern rug is the way to go, but A comprise is a modern style with classic material.

With this method, modern runner rugs utilize traditional materials and construction methods but apply them to a different aesthetic rather than drawing from centuries (even millennia) old symbols and motifs.

Modern round rugs embody the creative whims and inspirations of their designers. They are more personal and less historical.

Rather than tying a room to a particular art-historical context you can create a space with a casual improvised sensibility

Modern blue rugs often come in a swath of vibrant hues to contrast to their more subdued and earthy traditional brethren, or they can come in cool muted tones.

1. Ikat Rugs

The pattern on an Ikat seems to go in the direction of traditional, but takes a sharp left into the realm of modern rugs.

In this glam transitional living room you see the curved sofa arms as traditional but with a modern black and white spin. The same goes for the rug.

Ikat rugs tend to mimic oriental rugs but are blurred out and appear almost melted

The Ikat rug adds a little intrigue while still keeping with the monochromatic scheme.

This Ikat draws on the color from the accents throughout the space.

The rug provides texture and color without being over the top.


The multicolored Ikat pictured above is one of the most unique rugs out there. The rug provides texture and color, what else could you want!

2. Over-Dyed Rugs

Antique Over Dyed rugs bridge the gap between the two. Patchwork rugs take a cue from the modern art of collages.

Check out this video about patchwork rugs 

They recycle both the designs and the materials of older traditional rugs and simultaneously reference the past and present by way of over dying.

It is the duty of any new generation to question the assumptions of its predecessors.

There may never be a comfortable equilibrium between the traditional and  modern, but perhaps in this very tension can be found a source of creativity and inspiration.

On which side of the fence do you stand?

Or Do you relish in occupying the middle ground between the modern and the traditional?

Let us know!

Here at, we understand the value in both modern and traditional rugs. We strive to ensure the survival of the traditional while embracing modern.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have about both traditional and modern oriental rugs.

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