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Kylie T Interiors: Rugknots Featured Designer Kylie Williams

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loves just that—interiors! Interior Decorating is Kylie Williams’ passion--a passion that words can only attempt to describe. After growing up on the sunny beaches of Australia, Kylie moved to New York after years of practicing interior design to consolidate her knowledge at the New York Institute of Art and Design. Her business, Kylie T Interiors, was born when she was presented an award of merit for outstanding excellence. Inspired to keep doing what she loved and seeing that she was excelling in it, it just made sense to share her passion with others.

Kylie calls her career her "dream come true" and abides by the philosophy that the home of a client should not only be comfortable and functional, but should tell the story of who a client is and reflect what they love. She believes that no matter the budget, healthy or lean, beautiful design should always be within reach.

She draws inspiration from mid-century décor styles in the glam, industrial, and rustic style, incorporating modern elements. Although these styles are her favorites, she is always looking to work with new clients and explore new styles.

The ‘T’ in Kylie T comes from her maiden name, which changed when she found her life companion. She now lives in Boston with her family of five, and loves creativity, traveling, good wine, food, and books, upstanding values, and a binge-worthy Netflix series.

To learn more about some of Kylie T Interiors’ packages, DIY projects, and suggested tips, we recommend .

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