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Kitchen Design Ideas: 8 Area Rug Tips That Will Never Go Out Of Style

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Contemporary wool area rugs add warmth, depth and beautiful pops of color in every room whether you are buying them for home decor or office decor purposes. Oriental rugs look absolutely stunning in kitchens too! 

Kitchens are one of the most highly trafficked rooms in the home and often called the "heart of the home." This is why one of the hottest trends in new construction homes is open floor plans and extra large kitchens. 

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For over 30 years, has crafted, imported and delivered the very highest quality rugs from the heart of Pakistan, where skilled artisans have passed down ancient oriental rug hand knotting secrets for generations.

Functions of Kitchen Area Rugs

Every kitchen — no matter the shape or size — can benefit from a kitchen area rug. Wool area rugs play quite a few helpful roles in kitchens — they protect kitchen floors, provide comfort for cooking and cleaning and add color and depth to decor.

Protect Your Floors (& Dishes!) 

While it might seem counter intuitive to put a valuable area rug in a kitchen, it's a must to protect your floors. Wool rugs are especially durable and able to handle spills and foot traffic.  

Protect your hardwood floors from scratches, scuffs, early aging and warping from spills with kitchen area rugs. Check out this blog for information on how to secure wool rugs on hardwood floors if that's a concern you have!

Another little-known benefit of a kitchen area rugs? Protecting your dishes from shattering! A wool area rug with a good rug pad and thick pile will help glass dishes not shatter if they drop.For the best area rug in your dining area, measure the length and width of the table, and choose a rug that's at least two feet larger on each side. 

Kitchen Area Rugs Add Color to a Room

The newest trend in kitchens is bright whites and lots of neutrals. Many kitchens have white cabinets, grey counters, and white back splashes. With all this bright and neutral decor, people are choosing to add color by laying down vibrant rugs. 

Choose warm colors. Reds are a popular idea for kitchen area rugs. Other colors people love to place in kitchens are yellows and blacks. 

Padding for Working/Cooking

Working in the kitchen can produce strains on your back. A properly padded kitchen area rug will reduce the pressure on your back and if you put the correct rug pad underneath, it can actually prevent slips. 

According to , "Using a padded, slip resistant kitchen area rug or mat on the floor by the sink will help reduce the chance of injury from slipping."

Inspiration for Kitchen Area Rugs: 8 Ideas

Now that you have some interior design ideas as to why you need an area rug in your kitchen, check out how to decorate with them! 

1. Runner Rug in Between Sink & Island

If you have a larger kitchen with a nice size island, place a rug between the island and the wall. Generally, you want four inches of space around the outside of the rug. This look is very stunning and shows off your oriental rug patterns, so choose a kitchen area rug you are in love with. Shop runner rugs here!

Runner rug from between cabinets and an island in the kitchen

2. Small Rug at the Sink

If you have a small kitchen, choose a kitchen area rug that sits right at the sink. Generally, you will want a rug in a 3x5 size. The following photo from has a beautifully placed rug at the sink.

Runner rug from between cabinets and an island in the kitchen

Since the rug is smaller, you can choose a really bold rug or go more neutral. If If you need help choosing a kitchen area rug, us today at (240)452-4602 or via email to speak with someone on our design team. We are happy to discuss your kitchen's shape and color scheme to help you find the perfect rug.

3. Rug Under Table

Definitely consider placing a kitchen area rug under your table if you have an eat-in kitchen or an open floor plan. Rugs are fantastic at separating large open rooms into individual spaces. 

Oriental rug from under a dining room table

Make sure you buy a large enough kitchen area rug so your chairs have room to back up and still be on the rug. The photo above from is an exception since the cabinets condense the space. 

4. Neutral Kitchen Area Rug

Now that we've discussed kitchen area rug placement, let's chat about colors and patterns.

If your kitchen is dark, use a really light kitchen area rug to brighten it up. Contrast will create a positive emotional reaction for everyone that walks in. Pull the light tones from the area rug and use it throughout your kitchen. 

Bright shades will really open up small spaces. If you have a small kitchen, lighten it up and it will feel like a bigger room!

5. Bright Area Rugs In Kitchens

On the opposite end of the spectrum, choose a bold kitchen area rug for a bright, neutral kitchen. 



If you have white cabinets with light colored counter tops and back splash, a bold, vibrant kitchen area rug will look absolutely ravishing. 

Ikat rugs have very different and bold patterns. Traditional oriental rugs (like Bokhara rugs) will have more symmetry and brighter colors. Browse our selection and pick the pattern that speaks most to you.

6. Traditional Oriental Rugs

Traditional oriental rugs are always a fantastic choice, no matter what your decor style is classified. The timelessness of wool, oriental rugs makes them a perfect fit in any style home. 

Bokhara rug from in a modern kitchen

The most popular traditional oriental rugs sells are Bokhara rugs. So many people love how easy it is to decorate with the deep reds and lovely, symmetrical patterns. 

7. Extra Large Area Rugs

Extra large area rugs are perfect in rooms with a lot of floor space to fill. If you have a really bright, neutral kitchen, place an overdyed rug in the middle. The vibrant shades of blues or greens will fill the room with cheerful colors. 

8. Break Up Color Between Floor & Cabinets

Interior designers are constantly asked for advice about cabinet and floor colors. The best way to break up a lot of the "sameness" of these colors is with a wool kitchen area rug


Save Money on Kitchen Area Rugs

Updating your kitchen can be affordable when you buy a kitchen area rug from You won't pay retail price for our oriental rugs because we sell at factory-direct prices. We offer free shipping and free returns, but our designers work closely with you every step of the way so when you receive your rug, you will love it too much to return it!

Browse our selection of wool rugs and us to get some of them in your home and kitchen today!  

In 2018, offers only the highest quality, one-of-a-kind, hand knotted oriental rugs. Call or email [email protected] to find the perfect area rugs!

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