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Bokhara Rugs Breakdown

Antique Bokhara Rugs Breakdown

Throughout this article, you'll learn every detail about Bokhara rugs from oriental rug professionals. We want you to know exactly what you are planning on buying, just like anything worth value in this world, because research is what guides us to buy or not and to open our eyes — simple things in life, like Bokhara rugs, contain rich history older than any of us. The topics discussed in this article will cover all the burning questions surrounding the mystery and hesitation on purchasing Bokhara rugs.

The Birth Of Bokhara Rug

The rich culture, history, and one-of-a-kind beauty is woven into each hand-knotted Bokhara rug are unmatched. Bokhara rugs were born deep within an ancient culture that thrived in the Bukhara region of modern-day Uzbekistan. Originally called “Tekke” from the Central Asian tribe Tekke, Bokhara rugs were found lying on floors of grand empires, prestigious temples and eventually gave the Bukhara City its name.

Antique Bokhara rugs are intricately and meticulously hand woven together in regions across the middle east from Turkey to Afghanistan, but the most luxurious and popular Bokhara rugs, available at, only come from Pakistan. Bokhara rugs have become a prized possession of royalty in the region and across the Western hemisphere. 

Authentic Bokhara Rugs

Authentic Bokhara Rugs

Bokhara Rugs

Known for their vivid, traditional red colors and complex oval or diamond-shaped motif patterns, authentic Bokhara rugs are quite literally breathtaking. Just like snowflakes are never the same, no matter how many have fallen over history, Bokhara rugs are never the same since each is individually crafted.

Each wool knot of the Bokhara wool rug is handwoven by a master rug maker, meaning it can take almost five or six months to be completed from the very first thread.

Bokhara rugs are covered in rows of guls or floral medallions, and geometric patterns, which is a one-of-a-kind exclusive feature, stitched together with New Zealand and high-mountain Pakistani wool on a cotton base.

Crafted in Pakistan, you can feel the authenticity and silk lushness of the Bokhara rugs’ double-pile construction under your toes. Bokhara rugs are not only high-quality, one-of-a-kind and hand knotted, but they are affordable! There is a Bokhara rug for every space in your home that needs to be completed because they feature many patterns and colors such as beige, green, gold, black, blue, grey, and rose. 

Different Types of Bokhara Rugs

Bokhara rugs come in many different shapes, sizes, styles, and types so you can match them to your home’s interior. Listed below are some various ancient types of Bokhara rugs:
  • Salor Bokhara rugs
Salor Bokhara rugs

    Originally crafted by the exalted Salor tribe, Salor Bokhara rugs are usually a deep, rich, shade of red and are defined by at least one row of symmetrical octagons. Within each octagon’s border, there is usually another smaller octagon or diamond shape and the interior sides commonly feature floral patterns. Salor Bokhara rugs are meticulously crafted by the hands of passionate rug makers and will make a home complete with their presence.

    Tekke Bokhara rugs are one of the most prized and beloved styles of Bokhara rugs throughout history in the west. Tekke Bokhara rugs are usually categorized as Royal Bokhara rugs or Princess Bokhara rugs.

    • Royal Bokhara rugs, or non-prayer rugs, are known for their windowpane design, which features multiple rows of elongated renditions of octagons joined together horizontally and vertically with lines and alternating small, diamond motifs.
    • Princess Bokhara rugs or prayer rugs are important symbols in Muslim culture and religion, therefore they are more distinct than Royal Bokhara rugs. Princess Bokhara rugs have a mihrab hand stitched into their core, indicating the qibla wall, which points in the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the holy city, where Muslims pray. Tekke Bokhara rugs are treasured pieces and the perfect cultural talking piece for your home.
    • Yomud Bokhara rugsCreated and named after the prominent and distinguished Yomud tribe of Central Asia, Yomud Bokhara rugs feature a deep red field with Persian or Turkish hand knotted style knots. The defining characteristic of Yomud Bokhara rugs lies within their Caucasus design, which has a pristine Greek cross dividing the rug into four parts. Each part holds a simple yet beautiful white woven octagon to complete the essence of Yomud Bokhara rugs. A less common variation of Yomud Bokhara rugs uses a diamond lattice pattern, filling the field of the rug and holding geometric medallions. Yomud Bokhara rugs are beautiful pieces that always bring light to a room. 

    The Real Reason We Love Bokhara Rugs

    There are many reasons to love Bokhara Rugs, but our favorite reason is how silky smooth these rugs are. You might be wondering how Bokhara rugs are different than any other wool rug. Bokhara rugs are actually made with a double pile, which means that the rug has a larger density of fibers. Similar to a shag rug, Bokhara rugs have a thicker pile than most wool rugs out there. If you've ever wanted an oriental wool rug with the softness of a shag rug, then a Bokhara oriental rug would certainly be a great choice for you. The pile height of Bokhara rugs is around half of an inch.They are traditionally designed with tones of rich colors like blue bokhara rug, red bokhara rug, green bokhara rug etc

    The Real Reason We Love Bokhara Rugs

    While the softness of a Bokhara rug is undeniably our favorite aspect, it is still important to consider how a thick pile height will affect the rug. Bokhara rugs are durable because they are made of wool, but they aren't as durable as their low-pile counterparts. The reason for this is because it is easier for dirt to stay in a high-pile rug than a low-pile rug. High-pile rugs are also known to flatten over time if put in a common foot traffic area. 

    However, we have seen Bokhara runner rugs that have lasted over 50+ years with normal care. As long as you are informed about how to clean your Bokhara rug, then we expect no issue with the durability of your Bokhara rug. One of our best tips is to never use your vacuum's beater bar of a Bokhara rug. The beater bar will actually end up pulling up the fibers of the rug since the pile height is so thick. With regular care and avoidance of the beater bar, your Bokhara rug will appear good as new for decades to come.

    What Are You Waiting For?

    If you are missing that one piece to make your empty house an elegant home, consider a one-of-a-kind, hand-knotted Bokhara rug so you can enjoy a tradition stemming from the roots of ancient civilizations. Whether the rich culture and history peaked your interest or the beautiful designs and deep shades of natural dyes caught your eye, Bokhara rugs are the lifelong staple to complete what’s missing from your home!

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