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8x10 Rug Size: Why It's The Most Common

8x10 Rug Size: Why It's The Most Common

Is there an ideal rug size that works in virtually every space? While rug shopping, it can be difficult to decide whether to buy a large or small rug. In our experience, the 8x10 area rug is an extremely popular choice. 


8x10 area rugs really are the perfect size for every room in your home. They are incredibly versatile. And when you buy your 8x10 oriental rug from you are buying directly from a company that will promise you low prices and excellent customer service. 

Area Rug Sizing Guide

It can be difficult to visualize what 8 feet by 10 feet looks like. That is why we created our ultimate rug sizing guide. We explained in vivid detail exactly what different rug sizes look like in various room sizes. Go check out and bookmark it. You will use it as you shop for rugs in all the rooms of your house. 

Why 8x10 Rugs Are the Best

8x10 oriental rugs are always a fantastic choice for every room in your home. They make amazing house-warming gifts and are the most popular rugs we sell because they are: 

  • Large & Luxurious
  • An Anchor to Furniture
  • Creator of Intimate Spaces
  • Amazing at Showing Off Rug Designs
  • Perfect for Layering

Large & Luxurious

8x10 area rugs are one of the most luxurious sizes we carry. As you unroll this rug and place it in your room, you will feel the elegance!  

It fills your room with supreme beauty. What a conversation piece too! And I can't forget to mention that we only use organic dyes and New Zealand wool. This results in the softest feeling under your feet. 

Anchors Furniture

 All interior designers will tell you that to really anchor furniture, you need a large rug that is larger than the space around the furniture. When the rug is too small, the furniture floats off of the rug and it makes the room appear smaller. 

With a large rug, it fills up the space and gives every piece of furniture a large anchor. Just look at this example. All the furniture is anchored to the rug, with parts on and parts off the rug. 

Creates Intimate Space

When you have a large, open floor plan, you need a rug to create an intimate space for conversations to happen. 

People are naturally driven by what they see. If furniture is arranged around a rug, it will naturally feel like a smaller place for people to congregate. 

Plus, no one can deny the warmth of a wool rug. It just feels comforting!

Shows Off The Rug Design

The oriental rugs at are hand knotted with intricate designs. There are floral loops and traditional shapes and patterns. And while our smaller rugs look fantastic, you really get a lot more WOW factor from the larger rugs. 

This is because on larger rugs the flowers and shapes are larger so they stand out more. Every single knot was created with care. It just makes sense to want to show off these amazing designs. 

Perfect For Layering

Layering rugs is such a hot trend. This is seen most in eclectic and Boho decor. But I've also seen cottage and modern farmhouse decor with rugs layered tastefully. 

Start with an 8x10 rug. Then, choose a color opposite of the rug underneath. So if the bottom rug is a dark red, place a beige on top. This makes both rugs pop and really catches everyones eye!

Where To Buy 8x10 Area Rugs

You can purchase rugs at a local rug gallery. Keep in mind you will be paying extra for the overhead costs associated with operating a rug gallery. 

Buy 8x10 Area Rugs Online

Save money by buying your area rugs at factory direct prices. Without the overhead fees you save money automatically. also does not charge shipping and offers a money back guarantee. 

You can us with questions here on our website or via Facebook. We want to help you find the rug of your dreams, without overpaying.

What Kind of 8x10 Rug Is Best

Always buy authentic, 100% wool, hand knotted rugs.  You can learn about why polypropylene is dangerous and doesn't last long on our blog post. The best thing about 8x10 wool area rugs is they can be overdyed and even reused in patchwork quilts. Plus, as they age, they wear beautifully! 

At, we use wool from New Zealand sheep and organic dyes. Plus all our rugs are hand knotted. This all produces a rug of outstanding quality and beauty!  

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