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how to choose a rug color

How to Choose a Rug Color Which Best Matches Your Space

We're so glad you asked! We want to tell you how to choose a rug color because choosing rug color for your space is both a financial and visual investment. In fact, most interior designers recommend “starting with the rug,” to establish a room's style and decor.

Top 5 Tips on How to Choose a Rug Color

Picking a rug color be difficult, so we've piled up just a few quick tips (with examples) and design advice you need to know! 

Tip #1: Deep, rich colors create intimate spaces

how to choose a rug color

Tip #2: Light colors help small spaces appear larger.

choosing rug color

Tip #3: Soft or muted shades blend in beautiful contrast to warm wall colors such as orange, yellow or red.

Note: getting a rug of the same shade would not be wise as it would create a visually loud atmosphere and guests wouldn't know where to look.

picking a rug color

Tip #4: Cool colors create a calm atmosphere

choosing area rug color

Tip #5: Darker colors cover wood stains better.

what color rug should i get

Choosing Area Rug Color

Formal Color Tones and Patterns: The right color of an area rug can make or break a room. When you place an area rug in your space, the rug's color and pattern will act as an anchor to other elements in the room.

Do you want to establish a formal look for a living room or dining room? If so, traditional Chobi Ziegler Oriental Rugs or jewel-toned Bokhara Rugs help to establish a regal feel.

You can check some of our Bokhara Rugs here

Muted Color Tones Create Serenity: If your wish is to create an overall tranquil or serene setting in a room, consider muted color tones, and choose colors from the same color palette. Monochromatic color schemes selected in light tones are classically soothing. Refrain from selecting a bold contrast in throw pillows or accessories.

Bright and Vibrant Colors Create Energy: Area rugs can become the focal point of the room, especially when they provide the main source of color. Matching a bright rug to a room with warm wall colors creates an amazing impact!

Look for a rug that might add one more accent color to the room and match the third color to throw cushions, a vase or wall art. Many of rugs have pure, hand made dye colors so they stand out vibrant and fresh. There are a lot of color details throughout the rugs, so it will be easy to find a color scheme to match all of the tones in a room.

Complimenting Colors: Many people's style choices fall somewhere in the middle of bold and serene.

If you want your area rug to complement the décor of the room you already have established, opt for an area rug whose color scheme compliments your existing room’s décor.

One example of this might be a room that has cream walls and burgundy sofas. In this case, you may want to opt for a rug that combines rich burgundy tones against a beige-toned motif, such as the 10 x 14 Black Ruby Red Persian Rug pictured below.

Patterned Rugs—What Do They Go With?

If you fall in love with a patterned rug and worry it will be too busy for a room in your home, remember that the pattern does not need to match everything in the room.

Instead, look at the color tones that are within the design motif of the rug and coordinate the colors with the room’s textures and colors within the accessories or art in the room.

This can be fun because you will find things out about your room you never noticed before. For example, if a TV is hanging on the wall and a couch sits across from it along with coffee tables and end stands, it's a parallel pattern or linear in design.

So you would look for more of a line patterned rug, such as the wool rug in the image below bringing out the lines of the room while matching the color hues. 

If your furniture is a solid color, match their hue to a patterned area rug choice.

If the furniture in your room is upholstered in a vivid pattern, choose a muted or solid colored rug to coordinate with the room. For a sophisticated look, match a secondary color within a patterned Oriental rug to your sofa. Match a third rug color to your throw pillows in the room. Oriental rugs are an excellent accent to a vividly complex room because of the high knots per square inch count or (KPI).

Getting The Room To Tie Together has heard from many customers who explain how they purchased a few area rugs over the years and when they got them home, they just were never the right choice. Deciding what color schemes or patterns you want to shop for from home can be a tricky process. has been awarded consecutively with the best customer service, so we can help in any way you need! Feel free to call us at (Mon-Fri EST)


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