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Scott Thomas Interior Design: Rugknots LA Featured Designer Scott Thomas

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is a full-service Interior Design team located in Hollywood, CA. Their team has worked in both residential, living spaces and commercial workplaces and amongst celebrity clientele.

 Scott Thomas Interior Design brings a charge of energy into his unique yet comforting style. His eclectic original designs are jolted with an “electric” energy that works in homes of any style and commercial spaces.

Since their founding in 2004, Scott and his team has worked from concept to design for an impressive list of celebrity clientele in the Palm Springs and Los Angeles area. He has had the opportunity to work with several LA landmarks, such as The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and the Hyatt Group.

Scott stands out amongst other LA designers for his ability to really engage and understand a client’s desires and needs by taking the time to connect with each client. Because of his attentiveness to the details that each individual needs, he is always able to create and deliver spaces filled with what makes them happy.

As well, his combination of eclectic designs mixed with timeless, modern characteristics are perfectly balanced with bold styles (including Hollywood glam).  His unique style not only stands out from other trends but develops spaces that allow that electric energy to move freely.

Scott Thomas Interior Design’s services range from start to finish design to the option for just a consultation. His team can pull together an entire building, your entire house, or work with you on just a single room. 

Not only does Scott and his team manage your project (whether big or small), but they’ll also ensure everything conforms to safety and building standards and codes. As an ASID certified interior designer, Scott stays current on all of this information and understands how laws affect these codes, so he can ensure your project is handled safely.

Scott states “don’t expect a cookie-cutter approach from my team.” He listens to his clients and creates a vision that speaks to them individually through beauty. To learn more about Scott Thomas Interior Designs and see his portfolio, please visit his website .

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