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Haus Interior Design: Rugknots featured designer Kirsten Anthony Kaplan

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Haus Interior Design, located in Washington, DC area, is a full-service interior design firm with an extensive range of talent in design. Her inclusion of large beautiful custom designed rectangular area rugs (which can beautifully supplement Seattle residential homes) have been a great asset to modern living room spaces. 

Whether you are looking for traditional elegance or classic simplicity, Haus Interior Design will produce timeless results that are versatile, functional, and elegant. Her experience with 

Kirsten Anthony Kaplan has a background in both business and design—meaning she is not only skilled in creating the perfect interior design vision for each space, but she is able to do so efficiently and within a set budget and timeline. You may be able to benefit from her design expertise revolving around large custom area rectangular rugs (especially if you have a large living room space in your Seattle, Washington residential home). It is guaranteed to add vibrancy to your home. She finds these aspects of interior design just as important as the composition of a piece of art or the material and structure of a fabric.

The 15+ years of experience combined with her MBA from Yale, has allowed her to perfect the process, but expand her vision to new horizons. Not only has she worked with new construction, but she has also work on historic remodels as well among many other projects. Naturally talented when it comes to design, she focuses elegance and energy in her design while infusing modern aspects.

Her creative rigor pours over into her relationship with her clients, where she ensures she is responsive yet respectful: acting quickly on decisions to accomplish goals while ensuring the interior distinctly reflects each client’s unique attributes. She has been described as patient, thoughtful, and knowledgeable with an extraordinary vision.

To see more of Kirsten’s work and learn more about Haus Interior Design, please visit .

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