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Frequently Asked Questions About Oriental Rugs

Frequently Asked Questions About Oriental Rugs

One of the best things about oriental rugs purchase from is the amazing customer service. From the moment you browse our rugs throughout the entire easy process, we are always one email, one chat, away

We know you have questions, and we have answers. Following are answers to frequently asked questions about oriental rugs. This will help you learn about oriental rugs and your oriental rug shopping will go even smoother.

FAQs about Oriental Rugs 

We rounded up the questions all about oriental rugs we receive regularly right here for you. Browse the following questions to see if one of yours is listed and answered. 

If your question isn't in the list, please leave a comment or email us. We are going to keep updating this list. We want it to be a helpful resource for everyone, so please let us know. 

    Interior Design Questions

    For rectangular room - what rug shape should I use?

    This answer depends on the type of furniture you are putting in the room. Typically, dining rooms are the most frequent rectangular room we decorate. And a good rule to follow with dining room tables is this: 

    "The area rug tends to look at its best if it’s the same shape as the table – round with round, rectangular with rectangular." 

    For a complete and thorough guide to which rug to place in your rectangular room, read (and even download a PDF) of our "Area Rug Size Guide" for free. 

    What shape rug should go under a round table?

    The rug will look best if you put the same shape rug under that shaped table. Round rugs will look stunning under a round table. Shop our round wool rugs - and enjoy free shipping on all orders! 


    Can you put a round rug under a rectangle table?

    Yes, you can put a round rug under a rectangle table. However, this is not our first suggestion.  If you want to put a round rug under a rectangle table, buy a rug that is large enough to fit under the entire table. Review the area rug size guide to see a visual of how it will look and how to make a better decision.

    Oriental Rug Definition Questions

    What does 40 pile high rug mean?

    First, that word pile can be confusing. Pile simply means the density of the fibers. So a shag carpet will have long, thick pile. 

    An easy way to remember this is just like you can have a pile of papers, on rugs you have a pile of fibers. 

    Typically, in the description of a rug you will read the pile height. The longer the fibers, the larger the pile height number. A .40 pile height rug is 4 tenths of an inch tall fibers, so it has short fibers. Shag carpets tend to range from .4-.75 pile height. 

    Is polypropylene healthy for carpet?

    Always choose organic wool instead of polypropylene (olefin).  We have an extensive explanation in our "wool rugs vs synthetic rugs" article. 

    One thing to keep in mind is that polypropylene rugs contain VOCs. VOCs can be especially harmful to young children, pregnant women, and the elderly because their immune systems are vulnerable. The fact that VOCs are in synthetic rugs is something for you and your family to think about.

    How to determine the quality of hand-knotted rugs?

    Oriental rugs are hand knotted from wool, as opposed to machine woven from synthetic materials.  If you want to assess the quality of your hand knotted rug, we recommend taking your rug to an appraiser. 

    There are some very easy tests you can do at home to determine if your rug is fake

    How can wool rugs feel like silk rugs?

    The best way for wool rugs to feel like silk rugs is to combine wool with silk.  Wool is one of the most common materials available for rugs. Silk, however, is so much rarer. This is why the price points for silk rugs are so much higher. 

    Browse our wool/silk combination rugs priced below retail for a silky, shiny, wool rug. 

    How much is an oriental rug?

    The price of an oriental rug will depend on the size, materials, and where you purchase it.  If you buy a rug produced with synthetic materials, it will cost much less than an organic wool rug. 

    Almost all wool oriental rugs in showrooms are priced with the upkeep of the showroom and sales employees salaries in mind.  At, we sell our rugs at factory-direct prices. The prices listed in our online store show retail price and then our price. You can see how much you are saving, right on your screen. 

    Read more about how much you should pay for an oriental rug.

    Rug Care Questions

    How do I wash my wool rug?

    The most reliable way to care for your wool rug is to have it professionally cleaned. For those everyday messes, we created a simple post about how to care for your wool rug

    Can you use the same wool area rug year round?

    Yes, you can use the same wool rug all year round.  If you care for your wool rug correctly, it will last for generations. 

    Now, will you want to use the same rug all year? That's a different question. It's so fun to use the darker red Bokhara rug in the winter months and then change the look of the room with the lighter-washed Peshawar rugs in the spring and summer. 

    Will high temperatures hurt my wool rug?

    The short answer is yes.  Just like heat can damage your hair, heat can cause damage to the wool fibers in your rug.  This is why we do not recommend steam cleaning your wool rugs. 

    Is it harmful for babies to play on an olefin rug?

    Rugs containing olefin (or polypropylene) are made from the same kind of things as plastic. Over time, they release "volatile organic compounds" - or VOCs. In the long term, we recommend 100% wool rugs for a baby's developing immune system. 

    Should you air out an area rug?

    Yes, there are so many benefits to airing out your wool area rug. In fact, the sun's UV rays are one of the most effective methods of removing odors from your rug. Read about how to air out your wool rug on our blog. 

    How can I remove musty smell from Oriental rugs?

    The best way is to air it outside. There are other methods you can use to get rid of odors in your wool rugs - charcoal, vacuuming, and even cat litter. Read about the 4 best ways to remove odor from oriental rugs on the blog.  

    Thank you for shopping at! Please let us know in the comments or via email if you have any questions that are not answered in this post. 



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