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Elan Design LLC: Rugknots Featured Designer

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Elan Design LLC is a full-service residential interior design firm in Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Eryn Oruncak, owner and principal designer at Elan Design LLC, has traveled to and been inspired by homes, places, and art around the world. She has learned how to create luxury in various forms, and uses this to create custom designs for her clients-- this includes incorporating custom design area rugs in living room spaces (including residential homes in Fairfax, Northern Virginia) in ways that complements the existing decor. Eryn has a gift of reading the energy and style of her clients and translating that into the composition of their homes.  She describes luxury below:

“Luxury comes in different ways.  I could get lost in a rose garden, totally mesmerized by a piece of driftwood, and yes, I do have a rock to which I am sentimentally attached.  Then, there are elements like a gorgeous slab of marble, the feel of rich velvet on a chair, and a hand blown glass pendant light that also give a space that amazing feeling.”

As an abstract artist herself, she has an edge at creating privately commissioned art for some of her clients.  Her talent of infusing colors with texture adds to the customer service for which her design firm is known. This talent for infusing colors with texture is perfect when selecting certain custom design area rugs over others. 

At Elan Design LLC, you may choose a full-service interior design experience or you can personalize your service based on your requirements and stage of your projects. Design consultations over email, phone, and video conferences are also available.

We enjoy working with Elan Design and have total confidence that Eryn and her team will take good care of our customers.

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