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Details Interiors, LLC: Rugknots Featured Designer Barbara Replogle

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is a full-service interior design firm located in Leesburg, Virginia. They currently serve the DC metro area and beyond, partnering with a variety of individuals from coast to coast. Their goal is to design inviting spaces that are functional, stylish, and comfortable to each specific client.

Barbara Replogle founded Details Interiors, LLC in 1998. Since the day of their founding, Details Interiors has focused on nailing the details. Their attention to the smallest caveats of a project lives allows them to work with a high-level of involvement with any project and lead the project to success.

Details Interiors, LLC has worked with homeowners, architects, builders, and remodelers across the country. Full of passion, they are able to work with clients building a new home or doing a complete remodel on even the time consuming, detailed components such as architectural blueprints and technical drawings. Overall, they can help any homeowner achieve the conceptual design they need for their space—no matter the problems or issues you may face along the way.

Details Interiors, LLC is very hands-on with their process. Below is a breakdown of their typical process:

  1. Initial Contact: Typically, a phone call paired with a follow-up in-home visit. They’ll get a sense of the project and chemistry between client and the designer.
  1. Budget: After establishing the scope of the project, they’ll provide you an estimate to be approved.
  1. Contract: Upon approval, they’ll present a customized contract to review and clearly set details of the project timelines.
  1. Design Plan Development: And then the designing begins! The team gets hard to work on putting together all the elements discussed for your project.
  1. Design Presentation: They then present the design plan including ALL of the little details so that any little aspect can be tweaked at this point.
  1. Construction: If any construction is needed, they’ll meet and work with the builder to ensure timelines are met and everything runs smoothly.
  1. Interior Decorating: They will order, track, receive and set-up all furnishing and fabrics so that your space is completely ready for when you walk in.
  1. Move-in Ready Services: For those who need help with move-in ready services, this is the last step. We stock utensils, umbrellas—just about anything you may need depending on the nature of your space.

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