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Darci Hether New York: Rugknots Featured Designer Darci Hether

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Although her projects span coast to coast and internationally, Darci Hether New York is known for the intimate experience and details that go into renovating or designing your space. Whether your primary living space or a far-off vacation home, Darci specializes in creating an experience that is luxurious, urban, and curated. Darci Hether is a problem solver. She loves digging into clients’ design problems and providing a full service. She is known for her contemporary and calming aesthetic, which speaks elegance with elements of intrigue. Because Darci works with many globe-trotting, busy professionals, she ensures from start to finish the process is smooth and that the result reflects their goals, aspirations, and diverse life experiences.

The Process

We start with an initial, working client consultation. By digging deep into you and your life, they set a budget and ensure the design direction is a good match.

After receiving a signed Letter of Agreement and retainer, they’ll measure and photograph the space, document furniture or other items to be incorporated into the overall concept and meet with any trades for potential bids.

Moving through drawing up plans and determining details, they then present the designs, review the budget, and note any changes.

At this point, Darci Hether New York takes the stress out of the process by handling the entire process, coordinating trade and site visits, and installing/styling the final details.

Finally, Darci and her team will unveil the final output of all their efforts, and share the beauty of your discussed concepts brought to life. She sets aside the time for a final walk through and to make note of any deficiencies or issues that may need to be adjusted.

The Rising Star in Design

In 1998, Darci began her design career in Southern California. After creating and nurturing many invaluable relationships and connections, she moved to New York City in 2002. Once in New York, Darci continued to grow and expand, even working as the lead designer and project manager for firms such as Workshp/apd and Vincente Wolf Associates. In 2008, Darci Hether New York was founded.

Named “Rising Star” by NYC&G, Darci is involved in every aspect of your remodeling and design process. Her ultimate goal is to deliver a collaborative experience that ends with results beyond what her client’s ever dreamed possible.

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