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boho chic decor

How to Style Your Home With Boho Chic Decor

BB Combining contemporary and vintage styles, boho chic style is inviting and fresh, with an element of unique individuality. The best part about boho chic decor? It’s fresh. It’s natural. It’s lively. And it works beautifully across your whole home.

So, you want to know what is boho chic style or how can you achieve the boho chic look in your home? Whether you want a boho chic living room or boho chic bedroom, it’s quite easy to adapt this fun, free-spirited interior style using the following four boho chic style elements.

Boho Chic House Decor Elements

Step One: Mix Colors & Textures

When it comes to boho chic style colors, there aren’t any! Any bright, vibrant color or neutral, plain color can be incorporated into boho chic style homes. Pairing a purple wall with a white bedspread or vice versa can easily achieve the bohemian vibe. However, if you’re picking paint colors, we recommend pastel pinks, turquoise blues, and pure whites to help you really grasp the eclectic style that is boho chic.

boho chic decor

The key to achieving a boho chic look is to mix different textures. Pairing a faded, distressed wooden coffee table with a powerfully-patterned blue couch and a gorgeous, white shag rug can turn your room from “blah” to “boho” so easily! 

Step Two: Incorporate Ethnic Prints

Layering different patterns and prints helps you achieve a fun, free-spirited boho chic style look. One of the best elements about boho chic style is that NOTHING has to match! That’s what gives boho chic style living rooms their unique and hippy-inspired look. An easy way to incorporate this look is by having a variety of patterned throw pillows or a mismatched couch and area rug. Take your living room from bland to boho chic bold with different patterns and prints.

Step Three: Find Floaty Fabrics

Whispy and free flowing blankets, tapestries and fabrics equal the ultimate boho chic look! Just think about the wide, flowing bell-bottom jeans of the 60’s and 70’s. THAT is what your aiming for. Toss a light throw blanket over your bedroom, layer some sheer, white fabric down from the ceiling, or hand up some boho-inspired tapestries to achieve the floaty fabric feel.

boho chic style

Step Four: Let Nature Inspire You

Whether you let nature-inspired patterns take over your home or buy a million house plants, a boho chic living room or bohemian style bedroom needs to have a certain level of nature implemented. Ivy (real or fake), succulents or just simple greenery can change an entire rooms vibe from boring to boho!

boho chic living room

Looks Can Achieve Boho Chic Style

1. Rugs, rugs, and more rugs!

Even in the simplest, plainest room, a boho chic style area rug can bring out the hippy in everyone. Choose an area rug that is shabby chic, has a distressed look, or simple has a unique color palette to create boho chic style in any room. has an entire Boho Chic Collection but here are a few of our favorites. 

2. Plants — real or fake

As we mentioned, nature is a key element to boho chic style. If you’re worried about keep a real plant alive, go for fake ones. They’re much easier to maintain!

3. Funky furniture

Whether you’re aiming for a boho chic bedroom or boho chic living room, funky furniture brings it all together. Boho chic decor like colorful dressers, poof chairs and benches can help tie a boho chic style room together.

4. Lots of natural light — windows or white walls

Creating a boho chic style look becomes much simpler when you’re working with lots of natural light. Aim to create a boho chic style room where you have lots of windows. If you’re lacking windows, paint your walls white! It can help keep a sense of calmness among all the crazy boho chic decor you want to incorporate.

5. Quirky trinkets

Last but not least, boho chic style is all in the details — even the smallest. Cute, DIY dream catchers, unique wall art, or even a small elephant statue are just a few things you could incorporate into your boho chic style living room or boho chic style bedroom. Intricate details take a boho chic style room to the next level!

boho chic bedroom

The amazing thing about bohemian style and boho chic interiors is that they are all unique! Between the endless options and ways to incorporate this interior style into your home, your boho chic bedroom or boho chic living room will be completely YOU. Channel your inner free spirit, let your hippy vibes shine through and embrace the bold, quirkiness of this interior design style.

No two boho chic style rooms are alike. Start shopping boho chic decor  today.

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If you want more suggestions on styling your home with boho chic home decor then you can us today.

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