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ikat rug

25 Ikat Rugs That Will Make Your Home Unique

Creating an Ikat rug is a complex and highly skilled process, but that doesn’t mean finding the right area to place it in your home needs to be. These intricate, beautiful rugs will help to add layers to almost any room, which is why it can be hard to settle on where to make the most of them.

To help you solve that problem we’ve found 25 Ikat rugs placed in different rooms around the house, all of which will help to make your home beautiful, unique and colorful.

To get started take a look at these 10 Ikat rugs in the living room.

Blue and Gray Ikat as a Reference Point

This blue Ikat rug brings a sense of togetherness to a traditional living room with an understated color palette. It’s blur ikat rug has allowed the interior designer to work off it with a number of other features. Notice the rug’s spectrum from white all the way to dark gray repeated at every level of the room.

Bold color Ikat in an Open Plan Living Room

Have you tried using bright patterns that go with ikat with gray furniture? We think it’s a winner and, in this open plan living space, helps to give the seating area it’s own unique atmosphere. Traditional patterns like this one also provide an easy route to creating contrast in your home.

Contemporary, Brightly Colored Ikat

Ok, so you might not want quite as much color as this, but don’t be afraid to liven up a room with a vibrant yellow ikat rug. A contemporary living room like this plays well with a core of over-exuberant patterning, flanked by white walls and block color decor. The yellow lamp, especially, caught our eye.

Using an Ikat Rug to Bring Everything In

Struggling with where to place furniture in a room without long walls? Maybe try working from the center of the room, building outwards from an Ikat rug. Incredible craftsmanship means these rugs have the prowess to anchor a room, acting as an artisanal center for the seating arrangement.

Small Ikat Rugs in Big Spaces

The key to using multiple Ikat rugs is changing up the patterning and the styles. Rich wooden flooring is broken up expertly here with Ikat Rug’s of different styles and sizes in this eclectic, open plan space. Each area is defined by the choice of rug, with blurred and bold patterns respectively, although touches of green help to create a common theme throughout.

A multi-toned Ikat brings warmth to formal dining

Imagine this room without the Ikat rug and you begin to get a sense of how important it is in this semi-formal dining room. Placing your table and chairs on a durable and comfortable surface will relax the mood at dinner parties, bringing a sense of homey warmth to an otherwise formal setting.

ikat rug

A Blue and Gray Ikat in Modern Living Rooms

This sharp, ceramic floored living room needed a little something to personalize it. To make it feel approachable. Luckily, the interior designer came across this wonderful blue and gray Ikat to do the job. What we love is that it helps to accentuate the high-quality materials used in the room, rather than overshadow them. Great work!

ikat pattern rug

Light on Light

Rooms with a lot of natural light often lend themselves well to more lightweight rugs. And we definitely like Ivory and Blue in a room like this, where a nautical theme underpins the decor choices.

Tight Ikat Patterns in a Rustic Living Room

Rustic living rooms have made a bit of a comeback in recent years, as tech is swapped for family comfort across the U.S. It’s no surprise then that traditional Ikat designs are riding that wave. The use of a small ikat pattern rug, with the pattern repeated on a cushion, works perfectly here. The renovated bench as a coffee table is a typical yet ingenious feature of this rustic room.

Black and White Ikat as a Base

This decadent Ikat rug works with the fireplace to create a strong layer of black and white, running from one end of the room to the other. Having such a strong linear base allows designers to build carefully upwards with more creativity and flair. So, with that in mind, what would you add to complete this modern living room?

yellow ikat rug

10 Ikat Rugs in the Bedroom

Large, Blurred Ikat in the Bedroom

Having such a large ikat carpet means the bedroom always feels cozy and, most importantly, your feet have a comforting friend through winter! In this blurred example you can see how the designer has matched it with other black motifs throughout the room, from the cross bed stool to the bulbous lamps.

Blue tones around the Bed

How about bringing the tranquil evening’s sky inside with a Blue ikat area rug cuddling up under your bed? Choosing a flowing, smooth motif will keep the mood relaxed and allow you to add in complimentary decor. The bedside chests in this bedroom, particularly, caught our attention.

Graphic Ikats for the Kids

This is a great starter for teenage bedroom ideas, combining a graphic Ikat rug with thick horizontal lines on the walls and bedspread. The space isn’t huge but is well used with the rug size, while the commitment to red lines is inspired. I mean, any excuse to use those red lamps is a good one!

Decadent Ikat in a Country Bedroom

If you’re looking for rich colors and artisanal craftsmanship then an Ikat with strong base colors could be the right match. Just look at this bordered example in a country bedroom in Nashville, Tennessee. Notice, too, how only half of it gets direct natural light, creating intelligent new color layers.

A Chic Purple Ikat

This Chic bedroom illustrates the adaptability of Ikat rugs, and how a strong pattern will fit in just about anywhere and within any interior design project. Again, like in many of our other top picks, the woven fabric provides the color palette from which the rest of the room is created.

Large Motif Ikat Rug as Side Decor

Ikat rugs don’t always have to take center stage, despite their inclination to do so. Placed at the end of the bed, a large motif Ikat can support the primary theme. And there are few stronger decor themes than beautiful solid wood furnishings like the ones in this traditional bedroom.

Pink and Orange Ikat for a Child’s Bedroom

Here’s another example of big graphics but this time designed for a younger age group. We chose this children’s bedroom because it shows how Ikat rugs can also be used in playful settings. By nature they are durable, so can be used in child dominated households without much worry. The high contrast in this particular example shows a fun side to this traditional rug style.

Dark Blue Ikat companion piece for a Bedroom with Luxury Fabrics

It’s good to see a smaller Ikat rug being used here; it’s dark blue and white colors laying beside a bed composed of high-end fabrics. The high-quality New Zealand wool that we use to create our Ikat rugs would be right at home in this lovely bedroom.

blue ikat rug

Ikat on the Wall

What we have here a luxurious bedroom adorned with an Ikat pattern on it's walls, custom made Luis Vuitton luggage beside the bed, and an Ikat rug stretched out beneath. The rug on the floor is of incredible quality, but it was the wall pattern that first caught our eye. Could you create the same type of wall decoration with an actual rug?

Decorative Ikat Rug the Perfect Divider

Throughout this list (which we hope is proving helpful) we have seen a number of Ikat rugs used to define spaces. However, this interior designer has gone one step further, buying a colorful Ikat rug to achieve complete separation in this city apartment. It illuminates the living area while defining the bedroom’s mood by it’s sheer absence. Maybe you could use an Ikat rug in a similarly practical way?

Other Room Ideas with unique rug ideas

The Durable Ikat in a Beach Mud Room

First of all a special mention to the sturdy iron hooks. Brilliant! Second of all, dust the sand off before you go walking on that rug! Or actually, don’t bother. This durable Ikat rug acts as a comforting divider between the cold mudroom tiles and the warm carpet indoors, another example of the practicality of this type of rug.

Hand Woven Entryway

You could use this stunning, blue-layered Ikat rug to welcome guests into the main living room of your house, although they might end up staying in the hallway a little longer than you expected. Consider using a block color that compliments the rug on the outer facing wall like the homeowner did here. No question it works wonderfully.

A Hallway Conversation Piece

Interior designers will often create hallways like this one to get visitors talking straight away. Now, in our opinion, this cluttered example may be starting too many conversations at once.

Rich Green Ikat Rug in an Office Space

So many of us spend our time working in office spaces that they can usually do with a bit more soft fabric. It can remind us that we are never too far from home check through our Ikat collection right here

Dog Not Included

What a warm welcome this thick Ikat rug brings to a large, open hallway with cold wooden flooring. Unfortunately, you will have to find the cute dog elsewhere, but we can help you with the Ikat rug no problem. Using this size of rug means the wooden floor acts as a border, which in a square room like this seems to work better than having a thinner rug that shows more wood.

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